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  1. RIDI says:

    Dear sabnu

    most of the films of our country that i have watched r same…why is that?????all he movies r same….we want new stories…nd plz loose ur weight ur getting very fat day by day…u looked very beautiful when u came to film industry as u were thin…u r still pretty but u will look more pretty if u loose some of ur weight…see the heroines of bollywood…Madhuri Dixit she has become old but she doesnt look so old…she is still so pretty…Her figure …she is still so pretty…

    And its my request dear shabnur ma’m plz loose ur weight it is good for one’s heaalth to have less weight…

    if u loose ur weight u will look very preety
    i guarantee it…nd plz tell ur directors not to make films with same stories plz……

  2. Praner Prio Sabnur apu,
    Ami Tomaka Khub sotobela thaka onek basi valo basi.Tomar protiti ovinoy amar redoy sporso kora.Tomaka sarakkhon dakta essa kora.Tumy atto Sundor kano ?
    Tpmar Pagol Vokto,

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