Bangladesh Association of Saitama University – BASU

Bangladesh Association of Saitama University (BASU) is an non-profit association in Japan for all present and past Bangladeshi Students, Researchers of Saitama University, Japan. These student’s Family members staying with them in Japan are also included. The association is managed by the President and his associates. The responsibilities, working procedures & related issues are defined by the ordinance of the association.

Bangladesh Association of Saitama University was established in March 1999. The association have been a lot of activities, such as cultural activities within and among communities, participating in Saitama University food festival, organize tours to various places in Japan, indoor and outdoor sports with different local and national teams in Japan etc. In addition, the Bangladeshin association offers annual scholarship to poor students in Bangladesh to facilitate their education.

Objectives:Saitama University japan
The main objectives of the association are to
-Improve regular interactions among the BASU members
-Help Bangladeshi new comers for a smooth transition
-Introduce Bangladesh and her culture to the Japanese and other foreign communities in and around Saitama University campus.


Activities of Bangladesh Association of Saitama University

-Arranging welcome, farewell, Eid … Common Parties

– Participation in Saitama University programs and festivals to represent Bangladesh.

– Organizing sightseeing tours & picnics within Japan.

– Weekly Quran and  Hadith session (old). New group named SMCA-BD has been created to continue this program.

How to reach Saitama University, Japan?Saitama-University-japan
A. By Train
There are 2 train lines that you can use to go Saitama University, train lines are  (1) Saikyo sen, and (2) Kehin Tohoku sen.

(1) Saikyo sen: Your destination will be Minami Yono station.
The rapid services & the commuter express services do not stop at Minami Yono Station.
The bus stop at Minami-yono Station which is located about 300m north of the station, underneath the elevated railway tracks.
From the station, please walk for 5 minutes to reach the main street, where bus station is located. Please don’t cross the road.

The bus coming from the right side is the desired bus that will bring you to the Saitama University. Saitama University is the last station for that bus.

The security guard, sitting in front of the main gate of University.
can be asked for further assistance. Please ask for KOKUSAI KORYU KAIKAN (International House). It will take another 5 to 10 min to walk to reach the International House.

Bus Fare: From Minami Yono Train Station to Saitama University is about 170 Yen


Bangladesh Association of Saitama University  Address 

Researchers of Saitama University,

255, Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku,

Saitama, Japan


Bangladesh Association of Saitama University Contact Person:

Md. Harun Or Rashid, PhD
Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Engineering Ecology
Department of Environmental Science
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Email: mhrashidbau[at]
Mobile: 080-3499-0120 (SB)

Mhia Md Zaglul Shahadat, PhD
Senior Researcher
Laboratory of Control Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email: shahadat230[at]
Mobile: 080-4087-2123 (SB)


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