For the history buffs, a Japanese city map is as important as a real life map. That’s because when you are traveling to Japan, the map is the best guide for staying in the correct hotels and the correct restaurants. Plus, the map tells you where to eat, how to travel, and what not to do. So it is a good idea to know what the capital city of Japan is, when you get lost and go searching for a restaurant.

What is the capital city of Japan

Osaka is the former capital of Japan and it has since been renamed Tokyo. The new capital of Japan is also called Kyushu, the location of Okinawa and the Kagoshima Island. Kyushu is a far larger island, but the people there are far more similar to Okinawans than their counterparts in Tokyo.

As in Osaka, Tokyo is divided into four wards, each containing a special place of worship and businesses. Each ward and each business that are located in it carries its own flag. In this article, we’ll only look at the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

The capital of Hyogo Prefecture is called Shibushi. Shibushi was Japan’s capital for approximately fifteen years, from 1868 until 1889. It is today known as Koto Ward.

The capital of Fukui Prefecture is called Fukui. Today, it is called Fushimi Ward.

A city in the Chiba Prefecture is called Gifu. Today, it is called Gunma Ward.

The capital of Tottori Prefecture is called Aichi. It is today known as Chiba Ward.The capital of Ibaraki Prefecture is called Kumamoto. It is known as Iwate Ward.

The capital of Miyagi Prefecture is called Yamaguchi. It is known as Oita Ward.

The capital of Saga Prefecture is called Saga. It is now known as Saga City.

The capital of Gunma Prefecture is called Kanazawa. It is now known as Kinugawa Ward.