If you were to ask which sports in Russia have the most viewers for each game, the answer would most likely be basketball. But who says that basketball is the only sport that can attract people’s attention? Sports with the most viewership can range from boxing to skiing and, of course, hockey.

most popular sports in Russia

However, by using the World Wide Web, it’s possible to analyze the popularity of sports in Russia by country. Here are the top grossing sports in the Russia according to viewership ratings.

Not every Russian sports fan is a basketball enthusiast, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t fans of their favorite sports. Out of the 10 countries that showed the highest number of viewers for basketball games, seven of them are European countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

The next highest on the list is ice hockey. As far as ice hockey goes, there is no other game in Russia that has more fans than its American cousin. All five countries to have at least some viewers for ice hockey games.

Boxing is the next most popular sport in Russia. This sport also has three European countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Interestingly, Russia as a whole has almost twice as many fans for boxing as the next highest country.

So how do the United States and Russia to compare in terms of viewership for other sports? Many believed that skiing and skating are the most popular sports in Russia. However, after analyzing the data, it was determined that basketball and ice hockey are the best most popular sports in the country.

The lowest amount of viewership for a sport, as determined by viewership ratings, was by tennis. It seems that while many Russians still love the game, the excitement level is not what it used to be. Since it is not a top ten most popular sport in Russia, the few who do watch may not have as much passion for it as they used to.

Overall, Russia has the most number of fans for basketball games out of any country on the planet. It also has the highest number of fans for hockey games in the country. The numbers are simply astounding.

Looking at the data of who the highest number of viewers were for each game would indicate that hockey games had the most viewers followed closely by boxing. According to this data, it would seem that hockey and boxing are probably the two most popular sports in the country.

However, you might be thinking that these numbers for the top-grossing sports in Russia should not be used in this way. After all, it’s just a bunch of numbers and statistics. However, if you examine the popularity of sports in Russia based on viewership, it’s very easy to see why these sports have such a strong following in Russia.

There are many factors that determine the popularity of sports in Russia. Of course, the country’s geography will affect the games that get televised. There is also the number of people who can tune in and watch each game.

Sports are a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. While many may try to find excuses not to get out and enjoy the beautiful game, the fact remains that sports can bring a person together. It can also bring people closer to one another.