There are hundreds of online TV channels in Russia, that’s why it is important to know what those channels offer. In order to make the best decision regarding what to watch online, here is a shortlist of TV channels in Russia you can see through an online TV station. The list is sorted by countries and includes English speaking countries for comparison.

list of news channels in Russia

The first channel is called “Russia TV”. It is hosted by Ksenia Sobchak, a famous Russian actress. It is available in English, French, German, Polish, Italian, and Chinese. It covers various features in this region as well as international events.

The second channel is “Flix”. It is another well-known Russian actress in “About Russian Women” TV series. It is known for its soap opera and offers good fun with traditional and modern culture.

For its “TV news” channel, “Channel One” also offers international news channels. It provides accurate reports on popular events around the world.

“TV-toknovosti” is also a part of the Russian “Free TV Networks”. It offers a different experience. It presents interesting stories, events, and events which will not be seen in many other news channels.

“Komish” is a new multi-channel TV station created in 2020. It is made with the mission to attract and satisfy people’s needs for entertainment.

The third channel “” provides its viewers with documentaries, interviews, and more popular music. It also includes its own news.

The fourth channel is “Algoritm TV” which is operated by some online news websites. It provides real time information about real time news which can be freely accessed. It is another popular news website that maintains a strong relationship with the Kremlin.

The fifth channel “Skip” covers the news in a unique way, it is like an online magazine. It is filled with interesting topics which people will want to read. The topic will vary based on what the viewer can find interesting.

“Cable TV”. This is a new Russian TV network that offers news and informative programs.

“Sever” is the oldest TV channel in Russia, it covers news, news in many countries, and has just begun broadcasting in English. It is very popular in rural regions. It offers educational programs and news to the people who live in isolated places.

Those are some of the most popular news channels in Russia. To have a better understanding of what is offered on these channels, you can use the online television guide for an easier experience.