In the Russia there are two main forms of health care system: private and state. Russia provides different facilities for health care, you should consider Russia’s hospitals as their centers of excellence for their public institutions. Health facilities are very well organized, the system of private medical care is specialized and equipped with the most modern technologies.

health care in the Russia facts

A patient can get medical treatment at the hospital of their choice by selecting a private medical practitioner and submit any problem that might arise during their medical treatments. You will find many specialists, which include cardiology, general medicine, pediatric, orthopedics, geriatrics, gynecology, microbiology, ophthalmology, psychology, radiology, urology, and homeopathy.

These health care facilities receive patients from the elderly to the young, for all age groups. Most people live in poor conditions but they still have access to the good medical facilities. Private clinics and hospitals offer a variety of facilities like surgical, diagnostic, and emergency surgery.

Patients may be referred to these facilities if they do not want to go back home for health reasons. For patients who require long term care services, they are also permitted to use facilities of health care. These facilities are also available for long term and emergency health care. The government pays most of the expenses on long term care to residents.

During emergencies the government decides on the services to be provided. When someone needs a hospital stay for medical reasons, the government has the right to take care of their medical costs, which includes your private medical bills.

Local government offices, like police and fire stations, and government hospitals to help the people by providing facilities for the people. They also provide resources like state and private schools and commercial institutions. The population of the nation is increasing with the arrival of more tourists to the country.

An infirmary, called the maternity ward, is attached to each maternity hospital. It is a place where pregnant women with complications during pregnancy can go to receive prenatal care, while they wait for the birth of their baby. The maternity ward serves both men and women.

Many patients attend the infirmary to undergo a pelvic exam and wait for the delivery of the baby. There are several rooms that are called maternity wards. All of these are meant for special circumstances like childbirth and the delivery of a baby.

To provide better services to pregnant women with complications during pregnancy, many private facilities have been established. These facilities offer specialized services for pregnant women and their families.

Mothers-to-be can get specialized care in these centers. A complete healthcare package can be offered to mothers including their regular medical checkups, preventive screening and diagnosis of pregnancy complications, follow-up after delivery, medications, etc. The mothers are also treated for their disabilities that they may experience during pregnancy.

Mothers can be admitted to the maternity ward after temporary admission due to an illness, either during the pregnancy or immediately after giving birth. The Russian government also provides day nurseries where mothers can be taken after a full medical examination.

A number of private medical facilities provide similar services for older people and the ill. A person who is experiencing an illness can also get specialized care and treatment, including psychotherapy. A nursing home is also available to house elderly people, who require some special attention.