education system in India

What Are the Primary Problems Associated With The Education System in India?

With the rising costs of maintaining a traditional Indian education system, the government of India has started a thorough study of the current structure of education in India. After careful analysis of all the aspects of education, it has been concluded that India’s education system is capable of providing all the basic needs of students with an adequate standard of learning. However, if the issues related to education in India are not sorted out and improved, then a large number of future students will fail to perform well in school.

The problems which the present education system faces are discussed in this article, which is meant to give you an overview of the different aspects of education in India. It is seen that the problems of the present education system in India are found to be fatal for the education system in India.

Centralization. In case of public or state schools, education is provided only to the students of a particular school. Private schools, however, are opened to all the students of the country. However, not every one of the students are given equal chances of success, as private schools are considered as private institutions.

Lack of socializing: The present education system in India does not offer enough socializing and mingling among students. It is seen that the government schools do not offer much socializing.

Modification of teaching methods. The study of a subject is done in a manner that may not suit all the students who are involved in it.

Focus on one subject: The focus of the education in India is to train students in the basics of an academic subject. In case of subjects like History, even a student who has done a lot of reading cannot be trained well if he is expected to focus on it solely.

Massive problems: Studentsfail to adapt to the new learning style, and forget about the knowledge that they have acquired. In such a situation, all the students are not able to perform well in school.

Lack of organization and discipline: As India is the land of people from a variety of different cultures, the present education system has never managed to provide a common space for learning. Due to this, students are forced to perform their lessons separately.

The above are some of the main reasons that have been identified in the research carried out by the government regarding the present structure of education in India. The study has provided a good snapshot of the present education system.

The first major problem is that the students are forced to follow the same course of study as the others. Though there are schools that combine subjects, but the fact is that the students are not given enough time to learn.

The next problem is that the students are not given the time to perform any of the different activities that they want to do. Since they are trained to learn all at once, this creates a big issue for the students and makes them fall behind in class.

In order to improve the present education system, the government has decided to try a modern form of education called ‘cooperative education’. In this form of education, the students are trained differently and are given the freedom to learn independently.