what is the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait

The Fastest Growing Religion in the Kuwait

The status of Kuwaiti religions is really surprising when one considers that it is considered to be one of the Arab countries with the largest Muslim population. Not only the Koran is the religion of the society, but there are many people who adhere to other forms of religions such as Sufi, Baha’i and Sunni Islam.

Now that we have been given a better idea about the religion’s status, we can now see the fast-growing religion in the Kuwait. To find out which religion is the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait, we need to take a look at the country’s demographics and population growth. According to the Kuwaiti government statistics, the population is on its way to becoming an elderly one and in the next few years, it will surpass the figure of over eight million.

This means that the Kuwaiti population will be heading to its emergent age to find a proper solution to the problem of finding a religion that can be practiced by everyone. In the Kuwait, there are no Shiites or Ahl al-Sunna who are more concentrated in certain areas while Sunnis and Shiites will be occupying their own place.

Now that we know about the growing age of the Kuwait, we can now consider the speed at which the religion in the country will be defined by the census. This is where the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait comes into picture. Though the religious demography is not that simple yet, it is very interesting to see how different these religions are in the two city states.

From the census data, we can see that the Shiites are the ones who are considering the religion the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait. The Shia population is all over the country with its roots in the oil fields and the religious leaders of the Gulf in order to avoid trouble are considering that abranch of the sect is already in the Kuwait.

However, this religious demography can be found only in the city of Al Ain. There is a less number of people practicing the Shia sect in the southern part of the country.

If we move ahead to the state level, then the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait can be found in the center of the country. It is said that three-fourths of the population belong to this religion in the centre.

But what about the status of the other religions in the Kuwait? Let us take a look at the state-level statistics so we can find out who among the religious groups are being practiced by the population.

It seems that two-thirds of the population adheres to Islam and this could mean that the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait is also known as Islam. This could be the reason behind the formation of Islamic Bank in Kuwait.

Though the Salafis are the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait, they are actually represented by three sects namely the Sadiddin sect, the Amir bin Zainul Abidin sect and the Hikmat Zain al Abidin sect. They are the ones with the two mosques in the city of Kuwait City named after them.

The third fastest growing religion in the Kuwait is Wahhabism, which is mostly practiced by the Sufi masters in the south of the country. They have three mosques in Kuwait City and their number is decreasing because there are too many Saudis in the Kuwait and it is difficult for them to practice the religion of Wahhabism.

The above information will be of great help for the Kuwaiti citizens in trying to find out the fastest growing religion in the Kuwait. Even though their religious demography is mixed, their religious demography is really bright because there are many groups practicing this religion in the city.