The oldest newspaper in Malaysia is Malaysia Star (in Malay or Chinese in the rest of the country). It was established in 1828. It covers local and national news.

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It has a website and its mobile number is 12000. Another internet-based newspaper is Malaysia Star News (known as MStarNews) with an internet site with articles and links to other websites.

In a contemporary, fast-paced, and modern world, this old-fashioned paper has maintained a traditional approach to its publication. There are no advertisements in this paper. In fact, it was actually banned for quite some time because it was considered to be illegal.

An online version is available on their website. It is also free of ads. The newspaper website has articles on all subjects including gardening, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, animals, hair, cooking, beauty, and so forth.

They also publish feature-length stories and general news. In addition, they also produce original reports such as international news, women’s issues, and health. They have long run columns on current affairs.

The news and feature stories appear on their website. There is a longer article from their home page called The Lazy Author. It explains why Malaysian writers make their work interesting and popular.

The article reveals how the writer continues to write despite the exhaustion. The writer would even put in long hours in order to finish a particular story he/she has started.

I would like to offer a personal review of the article. Since I live in Malaysia, I have read the entire article, but even so, I believe the writer should not be underestimated.

The editor writes on his home page what he/she wants to write about. The articles he/she has written are interesting and up-to-date. I think he/she is a good writer and if I were a newspaper editor, I would definitely choose him/her to start as an assistant.

The editor is very knowledgeable about all recent global events, such as those regarding the Asian currency market. He/she loves to write and can handle any type of writing with skill. Also, the article I have read describes very well how the media works in Malaysia.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of the national politics in Malaysia. I am more of a government loyalist. This article makes me think that our politics has grown stale over the years.

Reading his/her favorite articles on the pages of the Malaysia Star and MStarNews, I get the feeling that the national politics will continue to get the royal treatment. The past administrations have done so well that Malaysians will continue to adore them forever. Surely, this might be the case, but I doubt it, because I do not know much about the history of our political leaders.