Malaysia is a country that is rich in culture, tradition and great food. Malaysia is famous for its island-like geography which can be said to be the top five most popular food in Malaysia.

most popular food in Malaysia

Typical breakfast meals of Malaysian meal consist of rice cooked with a little bit of salt and pepper, chopped vegetables and a generous amount of chilli oil. Most main dishes are served with a big amount of oil and a side dish called the pareo. Pareo is similar to the French fries that we are familiar with.

For those who want to avoid a less than scrumptious lunch, there is a snack called Kampung or “some dumpling”. Kampungs are usually fried and wrapped in a banana leaf.

The main dishes that have always made this country famous are, Boti, Bishan, Baraka, Ban Kueh and Tandoori. Those who love seafood and don’t mind eating raw fish or grilled meats can feast on the popular Baraka and Boti.

Kampung is a lot like chicken katsu but is more oily and contains more sauces. You can easily make it at home and you will see that the flavours are great on your palette.

Baraka is a regional dish that originated from the Kadazandusun region. The original recipe calls for pork and serves as a main dish for lunch.

If you don’t mind eating red meat, then you must try Bishan which is another main dish for lunch. This dish is famous for its crispy skin.

If you are tired of the usual roti orpareo, you can have some delicious appetizers. These include the popular coriander, pumpkin and even sweet peas.

One of the most common dishes in Malaysia is Tandoori which means roasting in Urdu. The basic ingredients of this dish are mutton, rice and an orange marinade.

Normally, every household in Malaysia has their own variations of main dishes. It is not uncommon to find a whole table dedicated to one particular dish.

Food is one of the main reasons why people come to Malaysia. It is probably because they find Malaysia food culture fascinating and enjoyable.