With an abundance of healthcare facilities in the Malaysia, medical professionals and families can have the assurance that they will have a professional medical practitioner to take care of their medical needs. There are also some organizations that offer assistance to people who are uninsured.

health care in the Malaysia facts

However, there are also some facilities that claim to be medical facilities but they are not always licensed. With the good and bad characteristics of the various facilities that exist in the country, it is important for you to know more about the facts about the health care system in the country.

First, you need to know more about the health care facilities and how they operate. Here are some facts that you need to know about the facilities and the services that they provide:

Private Clinics – These are the clinics that offer private medical services. They are generally located in private residential areas or in the city center. Private clinics have various services that they offer such as checkups, x-rays, and diagnosis.

The clinics offer free consultations can also be free depending on the service. The fee for some services is determined by the patients’ income. The fees are set by the government.

Health Care Insurance – If you get your medical attention from the private clinics, you need to have a health care insurance plan that provides coverage. The government has the plan that is based on your income and age. This means that it will help you receive the required health services without being bankrupted by it.

The Malaysian Health Care Systems: There are three types of health care systems. You can have the three systems listed below:

Government-run health system: It is one of the most common public system in the country. The services provided are free to all citizens. A comprehensive health care package is offered to the people under this system.

Private hospitals: It is also considered as a government-run system, but it is provided by privately owned hospitals. It differs from the public system, because the cost for services is usually higher. Private hospitals can offer private medical facilities.

Public private health care facility: There are some public private health care facilities that allow patients to get their services even though they are not residents of the area. These facilities are only for patients who are not of low-income category.

Private health care facility: These are medical facilities that provide certain benefits for patients. They are usually charged higher fees because they are required to operate profit-driven operations. Patients usually have difficulty getting services when visiting these facilities.

It is also important to note that this kind of care is free for the patients who get the services. Patients who come to the private hospitals do need to pay for certain costs such as the transportation costs.