First world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. Total 13 teams were played in the final stage of 1st world cup. Jules Rimet was the FIFA president who introduced world cup though the first football match was played in 1872 in England between Scotland and England. Fifa was funded in France in May 18, 1904 and plan to have own tournament out of Olympic. There were many records in the Fifa world cup since 1930. Brazil played in all tournament of Fifa World cup with 5 times win. Brazilian player Ronaldo scored 15 goals in a tournament. Highest attendances were 3.587 million in 1994.

FIFA World cup winner 1930 (First World cup)

Winner: Uruguay
Runner up: Argentina
Score: Uruguay 4 goals,  Argentina 2 goalsBrazil Legend Player Pele
Venue country: Uruguay
Total Teams: 13
First Hat-trick: Bert Patenaude of USA
Total Crowd: 93000
Golden Ball: José Nasazzi, Uruguay

FIFA World cup winner 1934

Winner: Italy (First winner from Europe)
Runner-up: Czechoslovakia
Goals: Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia
Host country: Italy
Total teams: 16
Golden Ball: Giuseppe Meazza, Italy
Egypt participated as the first country from Africa.

FIFA World cup winner 1938

Winner: Italy
Runner-up: Hungary
Goals: Italy 4-2 Hungary
Host country: France
Total Teams: 15
First 4 goals: Ernest Willimowski, Polland
Golden Ball: Leônidas, Brazil

Cancelled : 1942, 1946 world cup due to world war II

 FIFA World cup 1950

Winner: Uruguay
Runner-up: Brazil
Goals: Uruguay 2-1 Brazil
Host country: Brazil
Golden Ball: Zizinho, Brazil

FIFA World cup winner 1954

Winner: West Germany
Runner-up: Hungary
Goals: West Germany 3-2 Hungary
Host country: Switzerland
Golden Ball: Ferenc Puskás, Hungery
World cup First Television broadcast

FIFA World cup winner 1958

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Sweden
Goals: Brazil 5-2 Sweden
Host country: Sweden
Golden Ball: Didi, Brazil
Top goal scorer: Just Fontaine, France, 13 goals in a tournament:

FIFA World cup 1962

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Czechoslovakia
Goals: Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
Host country: Chile
Golden Ball: Garrincha, Brazil
Frist world cup historical goal from corner kick by Colombian player Marcos Coll

FIFA World cup winner 1966

Winner: England
Runner-up: West Germany
Goals: England 4-2 West Germany (Extra time)
Host country: England
Golden ball: Bobby Charlton, EnglandDiago Maradona Argentina Player
North Korea was the first Asian team played in the quarter final

FIFA World cup winner 1970

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Italy
Goals: Brazil 4-1 Italy
Host country: Mexico
Golden Ball Winner: Pelé, Brazil
Record: Brazil were awarded the Jules Rimet trophy permanently.

FIFA World cup winner 1974

Winner: West Germany
Runner-up: Netherlands
Goals: West Germany 2-1 Netherlands
Host country: West Germany
Golden Ball: Johan Cruyff, Netherlands

FIFA World cup winner  1978

Winner: Argentina
Runner-up: Netherlands
Goals:  Argentina 3-1 Netherlands (Extra time)
Host country: Argentina
Golden Ball: Mario Kempes, Argentina
Record: Tunisia and Iran played first time in World cup

FIFA World cup 1982
Winner: Italy
Runner-up: West Germany
Goals: Italy 3-1 West Germany
Host country: Spain
Total teams: 24 teams
Golden Ball: Paolo ROSSI, Italy
Record: Hungary beat El Salvador 10–1
Old captain winner: Dino Zoff the oldest captain to win the World Cup

FIFA World cup winner 1986Messie Top football player World cup

Winner: Argentina
Runner-up: West Germany
Goals: Argentina 3-2 West Germany
Host country: Mexico
Golden Ball: Diego MARADONA, Argentina
Record: Diago Maradona’s controversial handball goal
Goal of the Century:  Argentinian’s player Hector Enrique passed the ball to the Maradona in the middle of the field, then he took control of the ball and passing 4 English players and finished the move to goal.

FIFA World cup winner  1990

Winner: West Germany
Runner-up: Argentina
Goals: West Germany 1-0 Argentina
Host country: Italy
Golden Ball: Salvatore Schillaci, Italy
Record: First time African country Cameroon played in the quarter final, Ireland first played in the world cup.

FIFA World cup winner 1994

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Italy
Goals: Brazil 0-0 Italy (3-2 pen)
Host country: United States
Golden Ball: Romario, Brazil

Best player Neymar of Brazil

Record: Nigeria, Greece and Saudi Arabia first time played. Diago Maradona Banned for taking drugs. Total crowd were 360,000, 42 years Roger Miller score one goal for Cameroon. Colombian defender  Andrés Escobar was murdered for his own-goal against his team.

FIFA World cup winner 1998

Winner: France
Runner-up: Brazil
Goals: France 3-0 Brazil
Host country: France
Total Teams: 32
Golden ball: Ronaldo, Brazil
Record: First Golden Goal by Laurent Blanc of France in a match between France and Paraguay.

FIFA World cup winner 2002

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Germany
Goals: Brazil 2-0 Germany
Host country: South Korea & Japan
Golden Ball: Oliver Kahn, Germany
Record: Hosted first in Asia.  South Korea, Senegal and USA all reached the last eight.

FIFA World cup winner  2006

Winner: Italy
Runner-up: France
Goals: Italy 1-1 France (5-3 pen)
Host country: Germany
Golden Ball: Zinedine Zidane, France
Record: Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola and Ghana played  for the first time. French captain was shown Red card for head-butt to Italian player Marco Materazzi.

FIFA World cup winner  2010

Winner: Spain
Runner-up: Netherlands
Goals: Spain 1-0 Netherlands (Extra time)
Host country: South Africa
Golden Ball: Diego Forlán, Uruguay
Record: Used Goal-line technology


FIFA World cup winner  2014

Winner: Germany
Runner-up: Argentina
Goals: Germany 1-0 Argentina
Host country: Brazil
Golden Ball:
Record: Used Goal-line technology


FIFA World cup winner  2018

Winner: France
Runner-up: Croatia
Goals: France 4-2 Croatia
Host country: Russia
Golden Ball: Modric (Croatia)
Fifa World Cup 2018 Youngest  Player : MBappe (France)