Who is News Presenter? A news presenter, newsreader, newscaster, anchorman or anchorwoman, news anchor or simply anchor is a person who presents news during a news program in the format of a television show, on the radio or the streaming Internet television. News presenter can work in a radio studio, television studio and from remote broadcasts in the field especially sports or weather forecasters.

News broadcasters and newsreaders

A newscaster or news broadcaster is a presenter of a news bulletins. This person may be working in the field of broadcast journalism as a journalist and electronic news gathering as well as a participant in compiling the script with a television producer to be delivered in a news bulletin. or Anchorman is a professional who presents the news professionally and in accurate manner. Prior to the television era, radio-news broadcasts often mixed news with opinion and each presenter strove for a distinctive style.

How to Become a TV Reporter or News Anchor or News presenter

Being a TV reporter , news presenter or anchor takes sacrifice, On the surface it seems like a glamorous job but those of us who have worked in the industry know it is just the opposite. There is, however, no other job like it in the world. If you like deadline pressure, doing something new every day and making a difference it may be the job for you. At the end of the day you will be proud of you and sometimes encourage young people to work together as a news presenter.

Be willing to get minimum pay in the begining as a news presenter

The average presenter job in a small market gets paid comparatively low. Shocked right? Contrary to popular belief most TV news presenter are not rolling in dough. Television news is a field where the supply outweighs the demand. Basically there are more people who want to be a TV news presenter than other available positions. That’s part of the reason why pay is not competitive. Also, if you start at a small market station, you will get small market pay. It’s the nature of the business. If making a lot of money in your career is important to you don’t get into TV news as a presenter !

Presenter should forget holidays at home

The truth is you will hardly ever get holidays off. You will most likely be working. Established main anchors at TV stations will most likely get holidays off which means you will be stuck at work because you are a news presenter. If you constantly move markets for couple of years to increase your salary and experience you will always be the new kid on the block, which means you won’t have seniority. So, you can kiss Thanks giving, Eid festival, Christmas, New Year’s, Fourth of July and Labor Day goodbye. Also “sweeps” months when television monitor how many people are watching, will be off limits for vacation time. These months include: February, May, July and November.

As a presenter be willing to move anywhere

Presenter jobs are so competitive that you can’t be choosy when landing your first job. Sure, you may want to hold out for any city of the country even out side your country like Cuba, Iraq, Russia , China, Brazil, Syria, Lybia, African Country, offers you your first job you should probably say yes.

Educational Qualificatin of a presenter

Most TV channel require that you have a college or university degree preferably in journalism. Some university that have top broadcast journalism programs in your country or western country. You should complete bachelor of Honor in Journalism degree then Master. Short course will not help you very much there are many job seeker waiting with same background to be a presenter.

News Presenter must learn how to speak well

Your voice is key in this field. You should concentrate now on projection, enunciation and inflection. All of these things will help you deliver your script in a compelling nature. Be authoritative in your speech. This will give you credibility with your audience. Read newspapers and magazines aloud. Listen to the best News presenter when they speak and try to emulate them.

Learn how to write for TV

You of course learn some of this University. As a presenter writing for TV is very different from writing a research paper. You need to learn how to write to the images your audience will see on TV. It’s called writing to video. Also, you should keep writing simple and stay away from legalese and clichés. You have only one shot to get the attention of folks at home.

Presenter is willing to work all the time

You may be placed on the morning shift, the evening shift, a split shift and the weekend shift at any given moment. New reporters especially have very little say in the hours they work. Working overtime is very common and few stations pay overtime.

Create a resume

A resume is a reel that shows a sample of your presenting or reporting or anchoring skills. It usually starts with a slate – a brief showing of your name and contact information. The slate is usually followed by a montage, which is a short segment of compelling live shots, samples of reporting and anchoring. The montage is then followed by three of your best stories. The best way to get your first resume tape is to do one in college or university otherwise it can be quite expensive. When your tape is done you send it on DVD format along with a cover letter and resumé to news directors at the stations you are interested in. Then, you wait and cross your fingers.

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see news presenter in Bangladesh

To complete a news presenter course in Dhaka you can contact with Bangladesh Institute of Journalism and Electronic Media, bijem office located in Kataban, near Elephant Road. If you get any news presenter teacher from a renown channel that would be a great opportunity for you to learn and build your profession as a tv news presenter. As you know news presenter is a challenging job, so you should have excellent competency in this field beside your sweet voice.