Mayor Anisul Haque Biography

Early life and Family: Anisul Haque was born on October  27, 1952, in Sonapur of  Sonagazi in Feni district of Bangladesh. His father name is Shariful Huq and mother name is Rowshan Ara Huq.

Education: He passed SSC from Dinajpur Zilla School in 1970.  Anisul Huq completed his Bachelor degree from the University of Rajshahi and had a masters in economics from the University of Chittagong.  Anisul Hoq father was an official of the Bangladesh Ansar.

Anisul Haque  Personal life

anisul huq mayor of Dhaka

Anisul Hoque brother General Abu Belal Mohammad Shafiul Huk is the chief of Bangladesh Army. He was married to Rubana Huq.  Anisul Haque wife is a poet and businesswoman. Together they have 3 children – Son Navidul Huq, Daughter Wamiq Umaira &  Tanisha Fariamaan Huq.


Annisul  Huk was a Bangladeshi Businessman, television presenter and the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation.


Asset of Anisul Hoque

According to the documents submitted to the Bangladesh Election Commission in March 2015, Anisul Haque had  a net worth of 26 crores. His yearly income was 7500000 from his 22 companies.


Huq was a regular represented on Bangladesh Television in 1980s. He hosted many popular television programs.  Anisul Haque had hosted interviews with politically significant personalities Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Former PM Begum Khaleda Zia


Anisul Haque established his own business name is Mohammadi Group in 1986 and he is chairperson of the company. His wife Rubana Huq is the Managing Director of the company.  Mohammadi Group has more than 7000 employees  in the textile mills and garments  factory and other companies.  His business involved in real estate, Information Technology (IT), a power generation company. Mohammadi Group has an independent TV Channel named “Nagorik”.

Anisul Haque  was  the former president of Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA),  Federation of the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI),  SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and  Independent Power Producers Association.

Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor

Anisul Hoque was elected the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation on ticket of Bangladesh Awami League in the City Corporation election of 2015.

As mayor, Hoque promised to build Dhaka into a clean, green and safe city, although he received some flack for his involvement of foreigners. During his tenure his office destroyed  20,000 illegal billboards from the city as part of the clean-up project. Anisul Haq take over control of many occupied Land in the Dhaka North City Corporation. Huq also promised to reduce corruption among governmental employees.


In July 2017, Anisul Huq was admitted to a hospital in London, UK.He was diagnosed with dangerous disease ‘cerebral vasculitis’. After being in a sedative state for more than 3 months, he died on 30 November 2017 at age of 65. May Allah give him Jannant in his hereafter life.

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