Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket Price and other cities in Bangladesh

Transport Fare from Dhaka to other cities in Bangladesh for Regular, Non-AC, AC Economy, AC luxury for Volvo or Scania Bus of paribahan companies in Bangladesh are Green Line Paribahan, Shohag Paribahan , Hanif Enterprise,  Baghdad Express, Eagle Paribahan, S Alam, Shyamoli Paribahan, Soudia Paribahan, Silk Line, TR Service, Unique

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket Price

Bus Ticket Home Delivery service :

Service Charge: 100/-, Delivery Charge: Dhaka 50/- Outside Dhaka 120/- Next Day Delivery. (Bkash Payment)

Buy a Bus Ticket
for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Tour from Green line Paribahan, Shohag, Baghdad, Saudia, Relax, yellow Line. Bus Departure Time: 9pm to 10:30pm from Dhaka.

For Bkash payment you should pay for bkash withdrawal chage at 20 taka per shousand.

Please calculate Dhaka to Coxs Bazar Ticket price:  Bus Ticket + Service Charge + Delivery Charge + Bkash Charge

Example: If you would like to buy a Saudia Bus Ticket, you have to pay: 2000+100+50+40 = 2190/-


Green Line Paribahan

Main Counter Contact: (for Dhaka haka to cox’s bazar bus ticket price
Rajarbag Branch
9/2, Outer Circular Road (Momenbag),Rajarbag, Dhaka-1217.P: 01814344255, 01928610580, 01677464759
Other Counters in Dhaka:



Arambag Counter
167/7, Circular Road, Arambag, Dhaka.Telephone No:02 – 7192300.
Fokirapool Counter
2, Inner Circular Road, Fakirapool, Dhaka.Telephone No:02 – 7191900.
Kolabagan Counter
64/8, Lake Circus Kolabagan, Dhaka.Telephone No:02 – 912287.
Kallyanpur Counter
3/2, South Kallyanpur, Dhaka.Mob: 01730-060080.


  • Travelers need to achieve transport stand no less than 20 minutes prior to the trip.For every traveler most extreme weight of baggage is 20 kg. Extra charge will be obliged if gear weight surpasses 20 kg limit.Conveying illicit merchandise is not permitted and the power doesn’t assume any liability for conveying unlawful products.Smoking is not permitted in transport.A token is given to travelers in the wake of stacking their baggage in transport trunk (box under the transport) and travelers ought to keep that token safe for accepting their gear back. Travelers need to keep satchels satchel like things under their own particular obligation.On the off chance that travelers come late at the transport stand and miss the transport, transport charge won’t be given back.

Dhaka Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket price

Green Line ParibahanShohag ParibahanHanif EnterpriseBaghdad ExpressmnEagle ParibahanS AlamShyamoli ParibahanSoudia /yellow/RelaxSilk Line
ChittagongTk. 900 /Tk. 1150Tk. 950Tk. 600
Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar bus ticket priceTk. 1500 / Tk. 2000 / 2500/-Tk. 1750/ 2000/-tk. 800/ 1000/ tk. 1500 / 2000Tk. 1550 / Tk. 2000Tk. 800800/-Tk. 800/  1500800/ 1750/ 2000/-Tk.1000/ 1500
SylhetTk. 850 /Tk. 1100Tk. 900/ tk. 1100
KhulnaTk. 950Tk. 500/  tk 1000 / 1200
JessoreTk. 850Tk. 450 / Tk 900/ Tk. 1000
BenapolTk. 1100Tk. 450 /  1270
RangpurTk. 600Tk. 500
BograTk. 550
RajshahiTk. 650/tk. 600
ShatkhiraTk. 400
NatoreTk. 600

TR Service Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket Price : Non-AC Tk. 700, AC Tk. 1150/-

Unique Paribahan Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Ticket Price  Tk. tk. 700



Shohag Paribahan

Counters in Dhaka:

Malibagh Address:114 Malibagh DIT Road Contact No: 9344477,01711612433Jhonson Road Address: 53/10 Jhonson Road Contact No: 7166643Panthapath Address: 63/C Panthapath Contact No: 9132360
Kaleyanpur Address:Contact No: 8055902KalabaganAddress: 64/3 Lake Circus, Mirpur RoadContact No: 8126293Middle BaddaAddress: 190/A Middle Badda.Contact No: 9882576
Fakirapool Address: 2 Inner Circuler Road, Fakirapool.Contact No: 9331600KamlapurAddress: 64/1 A Hotel Al-Faruk.Contact No: 9132360ArambaghAddress: 167/3 Eden Complex, ArambaghContact No: 7100422
Abdullahpur (Uttara)Address:Abdullahpur, Uttara.Contact No: 8956345,01711624390MohakhaliAddress: H 1/6 Mohakhali Rail Gate.Contact No: 9884344NarayngonjAddress: 111 Bangabandhu Road, N.GonjContact No: 7634708
GulshanAddress: House-5, Road-3, Gulshan-1Contact No: 8857932SavarAddress: Savar Bus StandContact No: 01711818874GulistanAddress: 14/1 North South Road, FulbariaContact No: 7171078
ManikgonjAddress: Manikgonj Bus StandContact No: 01711511472


Tenets and Regulation:

The ticket will be crossed out if the travelers neglect to report at the station 15 minutes prior to the takeoff time.

On the off chance that fundamental the power the power can change the seat number of the travelers.

The travelers will care for their hand baggage with consideration, generally if the gear is lost the power won’t be at risk.

The travelers will be in charge of conveying any sort of unlawful merchandise, the vehicle power won’t obligated for that.

In the event that the travelers need to change the date of adventure or cross out their ticket they will need to advise the power of the concerned booking counter no less than 12 hours prior to the takeoff time. (11 PM to 6 AM won’t be computed)

The travelers will need to pay additional charge in the event that they need to convey more than 10 kilograms products.

In the event that the travelers need to scratch off or change the date of excursion. Ticket must be put to the concerned booking counter, phone message won’t be permitted under any condition.

Smoking is entirely precluded in the transport.


Hanif Enterprise

Counters in Dhaka

Gabtoli CounterDhakaTelephone No: 8011759Technical CounterDhakaTelephone No: 9008475Kallyanpur CounterDhakaTelephone No: 9008498College Gate CounterShaymoli, DhakaTelephone No: 8123439
Kalabagan CounterDhakaTelephone No: 8119901Malibagh CounterDhakaTelephone No: 8354748Fakirapool CounterDhakaTelephone No: 01713-049557Arambagh CounterDhakaTelephone No: 7102007
Shaydabad CounterDhakaTelephone No: 01713-049559Janopath CounterDhakaTelephone No: 7554318Uttara CounterDhakaTelephone No: 01711-974073Nordda OfficeDhakaTelephone No: 01712-894932
Madina MarketSylhetTelephone No: 01711-922415Dargagate CounterSylhetTelephone No: 01711-922419Sobahani CounterSylhetTelephone No: 01711-922421Kadomtoli Bus Stand CounterSylhetTelephone No: 01711-922413
Moulavibazar CounterMoulavibazarTelephone No: 0861-53141Mobile-01711-922417Shreemongol CounterShreemongolTelephone No: 01711-922418Complaine Phone NumberMain office- Babar Road, College Gaite, Shaymoli, Dhaka.Telephone No: 9135018Mobile-0171-3049575, 01713-049515

Baghdad Express


Sekandar Plaza (3rd Floor)

815, CDA Avenue, Dampara

Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Contact No: 0088-0312858040
Fax : 0088-0312521932

Eagle Paribahan

Eagle Paribahan ‘ s Main Counter:

Eagle Paribahan Counter

Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Dhaka.

Telephone No:02 – 9006700.

Other Counters in Dhaka:

Gabtoli Counter No. 202 – 9006700
Motijheel02 – 7193504
Motijheel RM02 – 7191108
Fokirapool02 – 9346391
Abdullahpur02 – 8959820
Kollyanpur02 – 9013224
Panthapath02 – 8128420
Kolabagan02 – 9116837
Bango Bazar02 – 7161699
Victoria Park02 – 7173455
Malibagh02 – 8353200
Badda02 – 9892700
Savar02 – 7744524
Nobinagar02 – 7791541

Dhaka to cox’s Barzar Distance

SA Paribahan

m r

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