most popular sports in Canada

What Is The Most Popular Sports In Canada?

There are hundreds of sports in Canada and each one of them has its own followers. This article gives you some details about the most popular sports in Canada and provides a review on what is the most-watched Canadian sport.

Sports Canada is the most visited country for sports enthusiasts. More than 90% of Canadians take part in regular recreational activities like skating, basketball, hockey, skiing, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, archery, swimming, etc. Sports Canada is also the best performing country when it comes to producing professional athletes.

In comparison to the United States, Canadian sports are generally top-grossing sports in the country. The games are not only about athletics and physical skills but they have more focus on teamwork and team building.

Sports Canada has been engaged in huge changes over the years. As a result, the Canadian sports have grown in terms of quality and expertise.

The most popular sports in Canada have received favorable reviews by sports enthusiasts. Among the most popular sports, many of them are played in indoor arenas and are usually short-term.

Basketball: Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Canada. The game is played indoors and requires great physical capabilities, especially jumping ability. However, the latest advances in basketball have made it a whole new exciting experience.

Horseshoes: The game of horseshoes in Canada national sport is similar to that of Baseball is the most popular Canadian sport. The game of horseshoes is played indoors and involves a large number of players and a good amount of sweat.

Volleyball: Volleyball is a very popular game in Canada. The ball is in large size and players can utilize the net on the court. The ball consists of three parts which includes a rim, a spike and a ball.

Hockey: The Canadian hockey is a very popular sport in Canada. The players use sticks and puck which are specially designed to prevent injury to the players. Hockey in Canada is a very popular activity and it has become an important part of Canadian society.

Baseball: As the most popular sports in Canada, baseball has a wide coverage. It is also played in a backyard or in a baseball diamond. The game is full of controversy as some individuals believe that baseball is a great game and it is a very popular sport.

Hockey: Another popular sport in Canada, hockey is an ice hockey version of the ancient game which originated in North America. In this case, teams and players are using ice hockey sticks and pucks which are heavily covered with special hard rubber to protect them from injury.

Like all other Canadian sports, hockey is a physical and sometimes violent game. To maintain the physical fitness of players, there are many training programs available in Canada.