Even though there are so many sports in Japan, not all of them are big hits and some of them fail to find the biggest audience. The popularity of sports in Japan may be deceiving because Japan is a huge country and it has very many different sports which would make it more competitive in world ranking if it had their rankings on earth.

most popular sports in Japan

Number of countries who compete in the Olympics are generally measured in the number of medals won. There are also the number of medals that are given for the most number of competitors and the number of individual gold and silver medals won.

The Japanese Olympic runner-up’s favorite sport is surfing, which in fact they have been able to do since the first games in 1924. Unfortunately, the Asian Games’ gold and silver medal winner are the most popular sports in Japan. The most competitive sport in the Olympics is the figure skating.

Javelin throw is also a very popular sport in Japan. It was not very popular in previous Olympics but it has been one of the top grossing sports in the Japan this year. The most popular of all is baseball. Baseball is one of the most competitive sports in the world and it is the most watched sport in Japan.

The Yakiniku (Chicken and Rice) are the most favorite in Japan and it is served with noodles. The famous Kyodo Ball is a Japanese ballgame which is played between two teams with a bat that has feathers in it. Winning team can use this as a souvenir. However, soccer and tennis are the second and third most popular sports in Japan.

Hockey is the most popular sport in Japan but the Olympic Hockey player Hachiya Masuda is the most famous Japanese player. There are various games that can be played in Japan but the most popular game that is played is baseball. The most famous Japanese sport is the baseball, which is the most popular sport in Japan.

In the Asia and the Pacific region, the best selling book in Japan is the Harry Potter series. Another most popular book is the Pirates of the Caribbean. The most popular movie in Japan is James Bond and it is the most expensive movie in Japan.

The most famous of all the games in Japan is the Soccer and in the top grossing sports is the Golden Football. Though the Olympic Medal winners in basketball is the most favorite among the Japanese, the NFL Quarterback is the most beloved in America. However, Kobe Bryant is the most famous American Basketball player in Japan.

The most popular sports in Japan is the Boxing in the sport that has the highest ranking among all the games in Japan. The most important factor when it comes to Japan’s most favorite sports is the number of Japanese people watching the game.

The Olympic Gold medal winner, Usain Bolt, is one of the most popular sports in the top grossing sports in Japan. The most wanted games in Japan include: Hairstyle, Jewelry, Gymnastics, Motorbike racing, etc.

The most popular game in Japan is the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh and the most preferred game is the Soccer. One of the most popular games is the Life Sim which consists of a large variety of activities like Mahjong, Number, Cube, Connect 4, etc.

The most famous sport in Japan is Basketball and it is also one of the top grossing sports in the world. Tennis and Baseball are also a good choice among Japanese sports fans.