Peru Ayahuasca represents a special value to the Ayahuasca users. Ayahuasca, a thick brown medicinal brew made from the mixture of two sacred plants found in the Amzon rain forest- Banisteriopsiscaapivine and Chacruna leaves. Both the ingredients contain two different chemical substance and altogether makes a powerful medicine of the world, which cleanses the mind and body immediatelyby ‘Purging’ in the form of vomiting, quick breathing, diarrhea. Fortunately everything comes to normal after a few hours. The outcome is quite fine. You would feel a sense of relief from the physical and mental depression, trauma, disorder; which have been holding you back for a long time. Now it’s the beginning of a happy and pleasing life, where you would find everything caring and affectionate.

Peru Ayahuasca VS Ecuadorian Ayahuasca

If you compare peru ayahuasca with ecuadorain ayhuasca, you must see there are lots of different. Ayahuasca Retreat center in Ecuador are certified and Shamans are also experience with educational background on Ayahuasca.

It is called Peru Ayahuasca, because Ayahuasca retreats are being practiced in the most authentic and sacred way in Peru, among the countries of upper Amazonian region. Peru has everything conducive to foster the Ayahuasca boom- the long heritage of indigenous culture, the existence of thick rain forest and rivers flowing with torrential fresh water and most importantly the easy availability of ingredients to make ayahuasca drinks.

Risk of Ayahuasca DMT

Rituals of Peru Ayahuasca is being performed by experienced Shipibo shamans who have gained invaluable knowledge in medicinal values of different plants and animals found in Rain forest. They knows the best combination of these ingredients to be used in healing process. The usage of plant medicine like Ayahuasca drinks is being regarded by them as a sacred duty bestowed upon them by the Mother Nature. So they treat the Ayahuasca visitors as their divine guest with utmost care and affection, making full arrangement for their wellbeing- starting from one week before of starting the ceremony to after one week of ending it. That’s why it is common to see that most of the visitors return to Ayahuasca retreat centers almost once in a year.

Chikungunya Virus

Peru Ayahuasca have boomed for a number of reasons. Most of the Shamans in Peru are conversant in Spanish. There are arrangements for English speaking translator as well as doctors, nurses and other support staffs in retreat center to take the utmost care of foreign guests. A wide range of retreat packages are being offered at different prices, which can be pre-booked by online. But for safety of the guests, not every requests are accepted.

The screening process of Peru Ayahuasca is done by a short questionnaire asking a few questions about the existing and previous physical and mental conditions of the applicant. These questions include the dietary habit, alcoholism, tobacco intake and smoking. Because people suffering from terminal and chronic diseases are not suitable for drinking Ayahuasca.

But be careful in choosing the retreat centers of Peru Ayahuasca. Because the country has no formal rules and regulations guiding the Ayahuasca practices and everyone there can claim themselves to be an experienced shaman but in reality they don’t have any knowledge and experience in making Ayahuasca and healing process.