Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews are very much helpful for the upcoming visit to any retreat center, specially for the person who are searching for a best rated retreat center. It enables the tourists to know about the effectiveness of the spiritual medicine itself and hospitality of the shamans, nursing staff and doctors of the retreat center situated at the deep inside of Amazonian rainforeststaying thousands of miles away.

Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews

Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews are reviews made by the visitors about their experience on the retreat process while staying at the retreat center situated deep in the jungle through online. In a simple term “ayahuasca” is a brew made from the mixture of leaves and barks of some sacred plants found in amazon rainforest, which have strong psychoactive effects on the users. Traditionally it was being used as ritual medicine by the indigenous Amazonian people who drinks it for religious and healing purposes. Later since the colonization of South America by the Europeans especially by the Spanish, the medicinal values of Ayahuasca drinks had spread into the western world. Now every year lots of people rush to different Ayahuasca retreat centers located in the remote rain forest of upper Amazon region of Peru, Brazil and Ecuador to have their mental and psychological healing.


Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews makes the decision easier for choosing an authentic Ayahuasca retreat center and availing its best services at affordable cost. First of all, you have to know about the time and options in your hand and the total services offered by the retreat centers. Internet makes the task easier for you, as all the renowned retreat centers have their own website and Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews made by the previous visitors are available on their websites.Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews

Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews differ from person to person as there are lots of factors effecting his or her own experience. Most are found ecstatic in enjoying the whole retreat process, while some are found with poor experience failing to cope with rigorous process. Surely they have a miserable experience which can denounce this aboriginal healing process. Despite that all the Ayahuaska Retreat Centers encourage their visitors to write down their own reviews in the website.

These Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews provide you the real insight into the quality of their medicine, knowledge and efficiency of the shamans performing the rituals. But, going through the process of Ayahuasca Retreat is not as simple as it sounds for a person who doesn’t have the previous experience of it. Because it has psychedelic effects like visual and auditory stimulation, mixing of sensory modalities, continuous vomiting and infrequent diarrhea. At this critical point of time an experienced doctor and nurse is essential. Moreover your pre-retreat health situation is a critical factor, because if you are suffering from some particular diseases like hypertension, breathing problems, high blood pressure, then you are not the ideal person to go through the retreat process.

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Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews made by the tourists not only provide valuable information about the herbal brew itself, but also provide valuable insights about the location and surroundings of the retreat center, the hospitality and passionate attitude of the shaman and other supporting staffs, ancillary benefits like food and beverage, ability to address a tourist facing troublesome situation, outing and camping in deep forest, getting involved in community service etc. To attract more customers as well as to present the whole ritual process in an attractive way, Ayahuasca retreat services are done in festive mood and retreat centers offer their customers different packages ranging from three to eight days.

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