Southeast Bank is a commercial Bank in Bangladesh which established in 1995 by maintaining all rules and regulations of Bangladesh Bank. SEBL is a member of Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. SEBL is working as a reputed company in Bangladesh and trying to be reputed in world wide,  A highly professional team who are well known and expert in different financial services and systems are related with this bank. They are related with this bank with many ways like Investment, Board of directors, and employees.

This bank is established with national finance experts and leading business personalities for developing and contributing on the development work of Bangladesh and in various segments of national and international economy. It always tries to give its input in those area and segment where the national and international economy is depended. This bank always tries to make sure the effective financial contribution to economy by considering the running condition of Bangladesh.

Target and Objectives of Southeast Bank Bangladesh Limited
The main target of SEBL is to be the number one financial institution which has a great impact and role in national economy. Their objective is to give high quality customer service to every kind of peoples of nation with a technological effect. SEBL always try to be sustaining in the business of finance. SEBL always concerned about the return of stake holder and customer who are working for developing SEBL. They always committed to introduce quality and innovative financial product and services to general people.

Core strengths and commitment to clients
SEBL is working with the trust of clients and customers to give financial services in every time. They always try to take every single step to with the sense of trust of their valued clients and customers. SEBL got lots of award for best performance and quality works since last many years. It is a great strength of SEBL which helps to take committed steps. This bank is committed to give quality services and technological support in every time. They are committed to introduce many innovative products and services to clients to full fill the all requirements of clients. It is very much essential strength and commitment of Southeast Bank Bangladesh Limited.

Core values and customer service & satisfaction
SEBL always try giving a justified service to every one for developing nation. They integrate lots of technological and demand oriented services to clients. This bank introduced all sorts of services with proper respect to valuable persons. SEBL always are being fair to stakeholders, investors and customers. It has a team spirit and business ethics which helps to maintain the commitment to customers. SEBL have a proper customer care division for giving best customer service in every time. SEBL have a number which is 16206 and it is live 24/7. Anyone can call and get their solution from anywhere of world. They are fully determined which they wants and always works for getting the determined target. SEBL always give emphasis to the need and demand of customer and try to solve the problems within a short time period. The customer care department’s employees are very much aware and dedicated to serve customers with a satisfactory ways. SEBL introduces all kinds of facilities in their website and anyone can download all important form forms from the link of SEBL

Human Resource Team and Board of Directors
Every company needs a strong team to develop its services and introduce itself to everyone. SEBL is not far from that need. SEBL has a proper human resource team who are working for developing the banks and economy of Bangladesh. The team is highly dedicated and energetic for doing every kind of works. They are determined and targeted to serve the bank, clients and stakeholder properly. And they are guided by a strong team of board of directors who are expert in financial services in Bangladesh and also in world. The members of board of directors guide team members and employees for developing the SEBL properly. That’s why SEBL is doing well by giving and contributing to nation.

Additional features and committee
Every company and product can get success if there have any kind of additional services. There are lots of additional services of SEBL. They have lots of ATM booth, anyone can withdraw and deposit any time with those booths. SEBL has SMS banking system which can give alert to every customer for every activity with bank. Internet banking is another additional feature of this bank which encourages us to solve our banking activities through internet from home or anywhere. SEBL has some committee who are keeping watch on every kind of activities of bank to reduce corruption and misuse of money and system. Every committee have expert to solve and face every kind of situation. The committee members are highly educated and experienced in doing their responsibilities.

National and International Relationship and branches
SEBL has a very good national and International relationship which helps to grow near about 122 branches in Bangladesh and 3 international ventures in UK, South Africa and Australia. The all branches and ventures are doing well with innovative services to customers. For that, all branches and venture companies are getting profit and increasing the ratio of profit in every year. SEBL is trying to maintain this relation to boost up more its business in national and international level. SEBL wants to develop more branches to cover whole and every area of Bangladesh and every country of world.

Corporate Social responsibility and Charity
SEBL is not only concerned about profit, business. But also SEBL is also targeted for their corporate social responsibility. They give lots of sponsor money to different charity program which organized in different time in Bangladesh. SEBL foundation is donating money to those programs for developing awareness. SEBL foundation is giving scholarship for poor students to get their secondary and higher studies. More than 300 students already completed their higher education by the opportunity of SEBL Foundation.southeast bank bangladesh


Scholarship needed students can apply from


SEBL is a bank which is concerned with every aspects and demands of a financial institution. SEBL is recognizing is values, strengths, and stakeholders. Always try to give standard services to its clients. SEBL is recruiting more women employee in their business for developing nation also. A dynamic and enthusiastic team is working for achieving the target of SEBL which is the development of the nation.