Adsense is the best advertising network for publishers. Adsense pays higher than any other website in the world. But it is difficult to get Adsense account and maintain. Adsense designed restriction and guidelines to follow accurately. Violation of any rule could be the only reason for disallowing Adsense account for your blog or website. On the other hand, if you violate any rule while Adsense advertisement is running, they will permanently ban your account or website for ever.

Google Adsense Alternative Websites

If Adsense does not allow account for your website or blog you can consider google Adsense alternatives. There are many websites are paying high to consider as Google Adsense alternatives. Some of them are, revenuehits, infolinks, adversal, VigLink, Kontera, chitika, qadabra, Bidvertiser, adengage, etc.



List of google Adsense Alternatives

Media net

Ads Type: Targeted text ad, Display Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer
Description: is one of the best google Adsense alternatives. Media net also a contextual advertise network. Publish can place ads of this network to their website to earn revenue. You can add from media net to mobile, table or desktop websites. It supports customized ads to display your suitable ads area.

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Ads Type: Targeted text ad, Display ad
Minimum Payment: $100revenuehits-alternative-adsense
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer

There are many publishers like to place ads to their website from revenuehits if they failed to get Adsense account. Revenuehits helps publisher to earn good revenue so you can consider this ad network for your blog or website. You will find this one better than any other google Adsense alternatives .

: Link



Ads Type: Targeted Text, Banner Ads, Mobile Ads
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Method: Paypal, Payza.

Another google Adsense alternatives website is BidVertiser for publishers. This is also pay per click advertising network. If Adsense banned your account or website you can consider bidvertiser for your website. In the beginning you will not earn good figure but you should wait until to finish observation period, then they will place the site for highest bid from its advertisers.

To know more and if want to create an account with adsense alternative visit bidvertise lin;




Ads Type: Text, Search, Tag.
Minimum Payment: $50.
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire transfer, eCheck, Western Union.

Infolinks is an alternative Google Adsense advertising network website. Infolins shows advertisement in the way that does not take big space. When visitors keep mouse on a keywords or text, it shows popup ads. Even you publisher can use Infolinks with Adsense.

Many publishers already choose infolinks as google adsense alternative for think content or low quality content but high volume traffic websites.  Go here



Ads Type: Banner, Pop-underadversal-alternative-google-ads
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire transfer, Check, ACH

Another google Adsense alternative ads network is Adversal which is also good earning website for publishers.  If you have morethan 50k webpage view per month then you can apply for Adversal ads only.  USA visitors are the best choice of Adversal.

web link



Ads Type: Link anywhere, Link Insert
Minimum Payment: No minimum limitviglink-google-alternative
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire transfer, Check, ACH

Viglinks is only good for publisher but also for affiliate marketer. It shows contextual text ads. Publishers can monetize blog or website easily with Viglinks advertisement.  Viglinks can detect keywords or content to show related ads from advertisers worldwide. Publisher able to check performance from their account dashboard.

Viglinks Website url:



Ads Type: Targeted Text, MobileChitiak advertising company
Minimum Payment: $10, $50
Payment Method: PayPal, Check

Chitika is one of the best google Adsense alternative advertising networks for publisher worldwide. If Google does not approve your website or blog to display google Adsense ads you can choose Chitika. Any kind of publisher can create account with Chitika easily. It is also search targeted ads company for contextual advertisements.

Chitika website link:


Ads Type: Banner, Text Ads.adengate
Minimum Payment: $50.
Payment Method: PayPal, Chaque, Wire Transfer.

Adengage is an advertising company for publishers to get contextual for their website. Easy to place ads code and tracking visitors performance. Minimum payment is US Dollar 50.  This automatically filter according to ip and ads size, etc. More thank 1.2 trillion ads shown since 2004 through publisher websites or blogs.

AdEngage website url:



Ads Type: Banner, Slider Ads.
Minimum Payment: $1, $20, $500.
Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.



Ads Type: Inline Text Links, Banner, Popunder
Minimum Payment: $50kontera
Payment Method: PayPal, Chaque, Wire Transfer