– Play online English Vocabulary game and Donate Free Rice to hungry people

Play English Vocabulary and donate Free Rice to hungry people in UN refugee camp under World Food Program (WFP). You can learn English word and earn 10 grains for every correct answer. Play the freerice game and donate rice without spending any money from your pocket. Freerice founded in 2007 by John Breen , Mr. Breen donated the website to the UN World Food Programme in 2009.

How to Play FreeRice English vocabulary game?

– Go to

– Create an account with username, email address, date of birth and enter captcha correctly.

– you will get an email from

– Open your email and click the link which from freerice to verify your email address.

– Login to your account and start playing freerice game.

– One English word will be shown with 4 synonyms.

– Select correct Synonyms or similar word meaning and get 10 free rice grains from freerice.

– If you select wrong meaning, the correct answer will be shown, you will see this word again.

– On the right side, You will see total free rice grains that you own.

– You can change level for difficult English vocabulary.

There are 60 levels of English vocabulary with over 12,000 words in

– You can play as long as you like and donate this free rice to World Food Program (WFP) for hunger people.

You can invite facebook friends to join your group and encourage people to donate more free rice.


To Start playing online game freerice click link below:

 Online game to end hunger

Who Pay for Freerice rice?

Freerice is non-profit website supported by United Nations World Food Programs. Freerice has two main goals are – providing free English education to everyone and free rice to hunger.

This free rice comes from the advertiser who sponsors the website freerice.

Where freerice rice has been distributed?

From 2011 free rice distributed to Combodia, Haiti, Bangladesh

(Refugees from Myanmar), Uganda, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Freerice authority does not earn any money from the website. Freerice is for humanity and we support it and recommend our visitors to visit freerice site and play the English Learning game to donate free rice grains.