If you want to conduct an interview you should take enough preparation for the followings: Arrangement If you get the assignment to conduct an interview of a prominent person. You can contact with him/her in advance to make an appointment. Describe yourself by name, position and other details. You can discuss the topic with him if you think it is required. Interviews should take place somewhere quiet, clean and confidential.

Topic preparation

Make a list of questions you plan to ask. What would you like to learn about? Try to get information about the person and his previous speech or write-up on the topic. You can search internet to know the topic and background of the person. Prepare your question in advance in writing and bring them to the interview. Keep note one the topic but don’t disclose any information to the interviewee. Think questions as they might arise during interview. Bring audio or video recorder, pencil or pen, note book or diary. Take permission for the interviewee to record and take note yourself.


Before start the topic, ask few casual questions to feel relaxed both of you. These kinds of questions should be in favor of interviewee. Ask your question as possible as easily. Give enough time to answer to the point. Politely ask the questions and say ‘fine, let me ask you this question. Listen answers carefully, don’t say ‘sorry, to repeat the answer. During interview you try to get information on ‘5Ws’; what, when, where, who, whom, etc.? You can give attention to the interviewees’ personality and interest such as photos, trophies, etc.

After the interview, invite the person to call if anythin she/he likes to change. If the person is a superior, ask his/her secretary to get that person’s name and telephone number. And do not forget to provide your name, email and phone number. If a photo is needed and is not taken during the interview, be sure to make arrangements then to have one taken at a later time.

Final Touch

After completion the interview, sit a quiet place to review your shorthand or handwritten notes.  Look back over the questions your prepared before the interview. Did the interview help to answer them? Write a email with thanks  to the interviewee and inform him/her the date and time when the report will be published.