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Jackfruit – National Fruit of Bangladesh

Jackfruit (kathal) a large fruit of a milky-juice tree, Artocarpus heterophyllus, of family Moraceae. The fruit, botanically named sorosis, is a modification of the entire pistillate catkin and contains 100-500 large, oily seeds. The edible, pulpy part represents the parianth. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh.   Jackfruit trees are seen throughout Bangladesh but [...]

Royal Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger - bagh one of the biggest living felines on earth, has a place with family Felidae, request Carnivora. The Royal Bengal Tiger - Panthera tigris is perceived as the national creature of BANGLADESH & is eminent as the Royal Bengal Tiger. Its body is rich yellow to rosy ochre in shading with vertically [...]

Independence Day of Bangladesh : National Day

49th Independence day of Bangladesh 2019 : Bangladesh is celebrating 49th independence day and National Day on 26 March 2019. President of Bangladesh Md Abdul Hamid and PM Sheikh Hasina placed wreaths in the early morning as a mark of profound respect to the memories of the martyrs of Heros of Bangladesh freedom fight in 1971. [...]

Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban – National Assembly of Bangladesh

Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, located in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar of Dhaka. It was created by architect Louis I. Kahn and is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world for all parliamentary activities of Bangladesh. Architecture and design Louis Kahn designed the entire Jatiyo Sangsad complex, which includes lawns, lake [...]

Bangladesh Army – history rank commission peace keeping mission

The Bangladesh Army or Shena Bahini is the land troops of the Military of Bangladesh. Army was formed on April 15, 1971 following the oath of the Bangladesh Government at Meherpur of Kushtia during Independence War of Bangladesh. In the beginning Bangladesh Army consisting of Bengali soldiers and Officer who left from the Pakistan Army. [...]

Bengali Calendar

The Bengali calendar (Bangla Shôn) or Bangla calendar is a traditional solar calendar used in Bangladesh. The year begins on Pôhela Baishakh, which falls on 14 April. Bengali calendar is used in and India's eastern states of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura The Bengali year is always 593 less than the year in the Gregorian [...]

About Bangladesh Navy

The Bangladesh Navy originally under Bangladesh Forces was created during the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971 against Pakistan. Its official creation was established in July 1971 during the historic Bangladesh Sector Commanders Conference 1971. In 1971, with West Pakistan imposing a military rule in East Pakistan, the Bangladesh War of Independence also known as [...]

About Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is a paramilitary force in Bangladesh. Mainly associated with guarding the borders of the country, this force is known by the Bangladeshi as "The Vigilant Sentinels of Our National Frontier". The British had first organized the Ramgarh Local Battalion in 1795 by recruiting the native population. The battalion was succeeded by [...]

About Bangladesh Air Force

The Bangladesh Air Force (Bangladesh Biman Bahini in Bangla), is the tactical and strategic air branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. It also provides air support for ground troops. Bangladesh Air Force consists of more than 22,000 personnel including 3,200 officers of whom around 500 are General Duty Pilots. Bangladesh Air Force was officially formed [...]

Judicial system of Bangladesh

Legal and judicial system of Bangladesh owes its origin mainly to two hundred years British rule in the Indian Sub-Continent although some elements of it are remnants of Pre-British period tracing back to Hindu and Muslim administration. It passed through various stages and has been gradually developed as a continuous historical process. The process of [...]