Bangladesh India Bus and train services

If you want to visit Kolkata, India from Dhaka, Bangladesh you have three options are Bus, Train or Plane. Bus or Train journey is for the tourist who really would like to enjoy sightseeing on the way to visit India from Bangladesh. Bus or Train journey also is cheap and full of pleasures. Dhaka to/from Kolkata bus service started on 9 July, 1999 after 43 years and Dhaka to/from Agartala bus service started on 22 September, 2003.


Bangladesh India Bus Service

Book a bus ticket with any International Bus service company as early as possible to have a seat with AC or Non-AC bus.

Between Bangladesh and India bus service providers are-

– Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC),

– Shyamoli Paribahan,

– Suharda (India Government own)

– Tripura Road Transport Corporation (TRTC)

– Soudia Paribahan

– Shohagh Paribahan


Shayamoli NR Travels Bangladesh India Bus Services

  • Dhaka-Kolkata route Bangladesh India Bus Service,
  • Dhaka- Shilong- Guwahati route Bangladesh India Bus ,
  • Dhaka-Khulna-Kolkata route Bangladesh India Bus,
  • Agartala-Dhaka Kolkata route, and
  • Dhaka-Agartala route.

Bus Company

Bus Route

Estimated Departure time Dhaka

Estimated Arrival time Kolkata

Bangladesh India Bus fare (One Way)

Bangladesh India Bus schedule


Dhaka – Kolkata
Dhaka – Kolkata


18:00 pm
18:30 pm

Tk. 750 /-

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Dhaka – Agartala



Tk. 300/-


Dhaka – Kolkata



Tk. 600/-
Tk. 1400/-

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Dhaka – Shiliguri



Tk. 800/-

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Dhaka – Agartola



Tk. 300/-

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Dhaka – Kolkata
Dhaka – Kolkata


18:00 pm
18:30 pm

Tk. 750/-

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Dhaka – Kolkata



Tk. 1200/-


Dhaka – Kolkata

Tk. 650/-
Tk. 1320/-
Tk. 1520/-


Dhaka – Agargtala



Tk. 300 /-

– Bus departure and arrival time in Bangladesh standard. Dhaka (GMT 6+) and Kolkata (GMT 5+) Time

1 hour.

Dhaka – Kolkata Bus service provider Contact address and telephone number



Telephone: 00880-2-8357757, 00 880-2-8356720, 00880-2-9333803


Telephone: 91-33-23591076, 91-33-22521049 Shyamoli Bus Dhaka to Kolkata bus service


Shyamoli Paribahan

Dhaka telephone : 008802-8360241

Kolkata telephone : 009133-39579672

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka

Telephone: 02-7102291, 0193626023

Shohagh Bus

Address: 167/3 Eden Complex, Arambagh
TelePhone: 02-7100422

Green Line Bus

167/1, Hotel Eden Complex, Arambagh, Motijheel (Opposite Notre Dame College)
Tel: 02-7100301

Suharda Bus

Dhaka telephone: 8802-8356720

Kolkata telephone: 009133-23557126

Tripura Road Transport Corporation (TRTC)

Dhaka telephone: 8802-8360241

Agortala telephone: 0091381-2325658



India Bangladesh Train Service Moitree Express Bangladesh India train service

Between Dhaka and Kolkata , India International train service Maitre Express started on April 14, 2008. There are two trains from Bangladesh and two trains from India weekly schedule from each country. Book a train ticket as early as possible to have a seat on Bangladesh Railway or India Railway. The India train which comes on Wednesday departure from Dhaka to Kolkata India on Thursday. Bangladesh Train which comes on Friday, departure from Kolkata India to Dhaka on Saturday.


Bangladesh India Train Services

Maitree Express and freight trains :

  • Bangladesh Boarder:  Darsana.
  • India Boarder : Gade.

Bandhan Express and freight trains

  • Bangladesh Boarder:  Benapole
  • India Boarder : Petrapole.


Bandhan Express / Moitree Express Bangladesh India train schedule and fare

Dhaka Kolkata India Train Service

Dhaka Kolkata, India Train Route

Estimated Departure time from Dhaka

Estimated Arrival time to Kolkata

Dhaka – Kolkata, India Train fare (One Way)

Dhaka – Kolkata, India train schedule

Bandhan Express/Moitree Express/Maitree Express Schedule

Dhaka – Kolkata



AC- $20 +VAT
AC $ 12 +VAT
Non-AC $8 +VAT

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday

Moitree Express/Maitree Express / Bandhan ExpressSchedule

Kolkata – Dhaka

AC- $20 +VAT
AC $ 12 +VAT
Non-AC $8 +VAT

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday

– Train departure and arrival time in Bangladesh standard. Dhaka (GMT 6+) and Kolkata (GMT 5+) Time

1 hour

Kolkata to Dhaka train journey duration is 13 hours. Dhaka – Kolkata International train is departure from Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station at 08:10am and arrival at Darsana at 13:50pm. Dhaka – Kolkata Moitree Express departure from Darsana at 14:50pm and reached to Gede at 15:00pm. Moitree Express Dhaka to Kolkata India departure from Gede at 16:30pm and arrival at Kolkata at 19:10pm. You can book a traing ticket upto 10 days in advance for Dhaka to Kolkata or Kolkata to Dhaka.

Bangladesh India Train ticket booking Address:

Maitree Express from Dhaka Bangladesh to Kolkata India
Railway Station
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Maitree Express from Kolkata India to Dhaka Bangladesh
Moitree Express
Fairlie Place


Bangladesh India Nepal Bus Services

Bangladesh India Nepal Bus Services started on April 23, 2018. After the anauguration of tryi-Nation bus services, 2 buses carried 45 delegates from 3 countries to Nepal via India.

Bangladesh India Nepal Bus Route
The route of 3 countries bus connection is Dhaka-Rangpur-Banglabandha-Siliguri (India)- Kakarvitta (Nepal)- Bharatpur-Kathmandu. Distance would be from Banladesh to Nepal about 1100 kilometers long and would take around 30 hours to complete journey. (Still Not started commercially)


How to go India from Bangladesh ?

– You should complete India Online Visa Application to stamp visa on your passport.

– Buy a bus ticket or train ticket one week before your journey.

– Take necessary documents like passport, US Dollar, leave application from the employee or trade license photocopy, Dollar endowment paper attached with passport, Tk. 300 for Immigration and Custom tax, Enough Bangladeshi Taka for food and breakfast on the way to Benapole or Burimari.

– The bus will be stopped on the way in a hotel for food. Be careful of your baggage and passport. Always keep passport with you. New market Kolkata

– The bus will reached in due to border area of Bangladesh. Every bus company has a guest house or waiting room for international passenger near border. Aware! Do not leave your baggage or passport anywhere in the waiting room.

– Follow the contractor or ask someone to go immigration office and customs clearance house.

– Fill-up the embarkation card. Pay Tk. 300 to the Immigration Authority.

– The Immigration Officer will ask you few question related to your job or business. Give the answer accurately and politely. You have Visa so do not worry. The Immigration Officer will verify your address, job or business only. Do not pay any money to any broker.

– The Immigration and Customers will put departure stamp on your passport.

– Show your passport to BSF and Cross the border then go the India Immigration and Customs.

– India Immigration will check your Passport, Visa and other documents and Customs will check your baggage. There are broker in the border area to help you for Immigration and Customs clearance. You can contact any broker to have hassle free Immigration and Customs but the broker in India Border will charge 50 Rupees to 100 Rupees for this service. They will help you to exchange your US Dollar.

– Take a seat with the direct bus or hire a Taxi to go Kolkata from Harisadpur.

– There are many hotels near New market area of Kolkata, Find a hotel in Free school street, Mirza Ghalib Street, Marquis Street, Sudder Street, Zakaria Street, Lindsay Street, Market Street and many more.

Tips to visit India from Bangladesh :

•  Book a Bus or Train ticket minimum 3 days before your journey. Passport is required to buy a ticket from the bus counter.

•  Cancel a ticket before 36 hours of departure and the bus company will cut 10%.

•  Confirm with the bus counter about AC or Non-AC bus. Normally AC bus fare is higher than non-AC bus.

•  To go Kolkata visitors cross Bangladesh side border area Benapole and India side border area Haridaspur.

•  To go Shiliguri tourists cross Bangladesh side board burimari and India side board Changrabandha.

•  Travel tax Tk. 300 will have to pay to Immigration Authority in Bangladesh part. Traditional Rickshow in Kolkata

•  Immigration and Customs processing time may be 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you go with direct bus, the bus company will fill the embarkation card on behalf of you.

•  Carry US Dollar only. Do not carry India Rupees or Bangladesh Taka, Immigration police may search you and if found any currency other than US Dollar might be charged.

•  Cross the border then check exchange house beside India immigration office, exchange US Dollar to India Rupees.

•  If you go by direct bus then the bus has another bus standing in India side which will carry you till Kolkata. If you left the bus beside beanpole board then you should arrange a Taxi sharing seat with other Bangladeshi people who going to Kolkata. You can find Bus also there with cheap fare but take little more time than Taxi.

•  You have another choice to go Kolkata by Train from Bangaon Rail station which just few Kilometers from the Haridaspur boarder. You can go Bangaon Rail station by Van or 3 wheeler Auto CNG.

•  If you want to go Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai , Argra or any other place of India by Train you must go from HOWRAH or SEALDAH Train station.

  • Train journey is very comfortable for the people of India. India first choice is train to go from one city to another city even for local area, they use train because of cheap fare, hassle free and accurate time maintaining. There is underpass train service in Kolkata. The train service is modern and speedy that Kolkata city dweller, students and Job holders can go within few minute from one place to another place by the underpass train.