Bangladesh national parliament has 330 members which 300 members ar directly elected through a national election for the next 5 years and 30 membership are reserved for women selected by the ruling party. The Prime Minister is the head of the government and the President is the head of the state is the elected by the National Parliament.

10th National Parliament Election on January 05, 2014

Total Voters: 91,946,290

Male Voters: 46,123,318

Female Voters: 45,842,972

Voting Centers: 37,711 (approx)

Polling Booths: 189,053

Returning Officer: 66

Assistant Returning Officer: 577

Each voting centre will have 1 presiding Officer & 1 assistant presiding officer and 2 Poling officers for every polling booth.

Over 600,000 polling officers will be at the ready.

The Election Commission of Bangladesh has nearly 5 billion Taka budget to conduct the parliamentary elections 2014.