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A Print Media or Newspaper is containing news of current affairs, articles, features and advertising. Newspapers normally publish stories on local and national political issue , crime, entertainment, society, business, technology, education, agriculture, sports, etc.

There are editorial opinion on most current issue, reader criticism, weather, horoscopes, review of movie and television plays, classified ads.


History of Newspaper Bangladesh

The first printing press was set up in Bangladesh was in Rangpur during 1847. A weekly newspaper Rangapur Barttabaha was the first printed publication from the Rangpur printing press in August, 1847.

The first two Bengali weekly newspapers were from Rangpur. The first English weekly newspaper, The Dacca News was printed and published from Dhaka in 1856.

Print Media are published in Bangladesh from the private. There are dailies, hundreds of weeklies, monthly, periodical publications presenting different kind of news from local and international and giving vast opinion from different corner of Bangladesh.

Beside Bangla newspapers there are many English newspapers also have good responsibility to the society.

List of Bangla and English Newspaper:

» Bangla Daily newspaper

» Bangla Weekly magazine

» Bangla Fortnightly magazine

» Bangla Monthly magazine

» English Daily newspaper

» English Weekly-Fortnightly magazine

» English Monthly magazine

» Online News portal

» News Agencies in Bangladesh

» Foreign News Agencies in Bangladesh

» Regional Daily newspaper

» ICT & Digital Magazine



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