National Game of Bangladesh – Kabaddi

Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh, kabaddi is played by two teams of 12 players each on a 12.50 metre X 10.0 metre rectangular court in which a player while holding his breath, raid into the opponent team’s area, touches one or some players and/or wrestles out to come back his own area safely without releasing his breath and thereby get point for his own team


National Game of Bangladesh

As the national game of Bangladesh Kabaddi team consists of 12 players but only seven play in the court and the rest stay out of court as extras. While intruding into the opponents’ area the player clearly and audibly repeats the word ‘kabaddi’ without break and without releasing the breath. Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi…. until come back in his side.Kabaddi is village game of Bangladesh

Bangladesh national game is playing for two times of 20 minutes each and 5 minutes break in between. Every kabaddi team earns 1 point by touching each one player of the opposite side. Each team get 2 extra points as bonus when all players of the opposite party are out of the court. Winner is the team which one earns the greater number of points in the stipulated time game..Kabaddi is National game of Bangladesh

Kabaddi is a very popular game in Bangladesh, especially in the villages of the country and, so far, it is also said the ‘game of village’. In some region of the country kabaddi is also known as Ha-Du-Du. Though Ha-du-du is popular in some region of the country but the game has no definite rules and ha-du-du is used to be played with local defined rule in different area. Basically, Ha-du-du was given the name of National game as kabaddi and it got status of National Game in 1972.India Bangladesh Kabaddi Match

Bangladesh Amateur Kabaddi Federation was formed in 1973. It framed rules and regulations for the national game. Bangladesh first played kabaddi match in 1974 with a visiting Indian team, which played matches with the regional teams of Dhaka, Jessore, Tangail, Faridpur, Dinajpur, and Comilla.

Asian Game Kabaddi Bangladesh

The Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation was formed in 1978 at a conference of delegates from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Nepal in the Indian town of Villai.

National Game of Bangladesh Kabaddi

The National Game Kabaddi is playing in every village of the country during Rainy Season. The National game Kabaddi was included in Asian Game and now waiting to include in Olympic.

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