How to make a woman Smile ?

Every woman likes to hear from a man that she is attractive. When you get chance tell the woman, she is

Angry woman Make smilebeauty to make the woman smile.

Off course you love the woman, the girl also knows, you must tell woman, “I love you” daily.To see here girl smile face, smoothly touch her and hold her hand for a while. Make eye to eye contact for few seconds and see how the girl smile.

Send a message to the girl with good wishing. Do not miss any special day or occasion’s message. The woman will smile surely.

To see the girl smile mood, tell your girlfriend how she is important to you and you cannot live without her.

To make a woman smile, Laugh with the woman for any small thing around both of you.

If you know about the girl ‘s achievements, recognize it and express your pleasure loudly. See woman smile face as you are the only man who does it at first.

If the woman is upset with an odd situation, share her sorrow and tell her you also share her sadness. Any woman smile and feel happy.

Try to write a poem for the woman or you can sing for girl.Woman make smile

Do not mention any girl name or don’t praise to any woman infront of your girlfriend.

Remember her Date of Birth and wish your girl friend in the first hour and it makes woman smile.

Gift is effective like tonic to make woman smile, bring a gift for the woman in a special day or at least flower for the girl.

When you are out of the city, call the woman over mobile phone and tell her you missed her very much. Sometime call your girlfriend at midnight.

Go to park with the woman, sit face to face under a tree on the grasses, and just talk to her, laugh with the girl.

To make the woman smile, tell her funny jokes, adult jokes, new jokes.

Write a note about the woman in your diary, few lines that you love her. When the girl sees this she will smile. This is may be one of the measuring items of your true love to the girl.

Introduce your beloved woman with your friends and family.

Tell about the girl with your friends and family members when she is not with you.

Take picture in a beautiful spot both of you if the woman likes.Woman Smile

Dance with the girl in a family party.

Kiss your wife or girl friend if she allows you.


If you want to see your girlfriend or wife’s smile face you should treat the woman with these few tips. Any mistake or odd behaviors will be an obstacle for the relation that will make the woman angry or off mode and will be thinking adverse about you. But sometime woman will give you chance to make clear your situation. Always love her; always praise the girl for small works in home and outside. Just keep the woman’s face smile in any moment to get her pure love.

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