Country wise Currency name – Worldwide

If you visit any other country as a tourist you should have US Dollar or Local currency to purchase any product from the local shop. One country does not except other country currency other than Euro or US Dollar.

If you would like to visit Italy you should have US Dollar or Euro. Al most every country of the world except US Dollar. USA currency is Dollar, Bangladesh Currency is Taka but both currency value is not same. $1USA Dollar=78Taka.

Spanish dollar

In the 17th and 18th century, the use of silver Spanish dollars spread from the Spanish areas in the Americas westwards to Asia & eastwards to Europe as the first worldwide currency.

Gold Standard

Prior to 19th century, international trade was denominated in terms of currencies that represented weights of gold.
Pound sterling

Until 1944, the world currency was the UK’s pound sterling. The transition between pound sterling and United States dollar and its impact for central banks was described recently.

U.S. dollar

Following the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944, exchange rates around the world were pegged against the US dollar, which could be exchanged for a fixed amount of gold. This reinforced the dominance of the United States dollar as a World currency.

World Currency Name

Country Name Currency Name
Afganistan Afghani
Albania Lek
Algeria Dinar
Argentina Peso
Australia Dollar
Austria Euro
Bahamas Dollar
Bahrain Dinar
Bangladesh Taka
Barbados Dollar
Belgium Euro
Belize Belize Dollar
Benin CFA Franc
Bhutan Ngultrum
Bolivia Peso
Botswana Pula
Brazil Cruzeiro
Bulgaria Lev
Camaroon CFA Frac
Canada Dollar
Chile Peso
China Yuan
Comoros CFA Franc
Congo CFA Franc
Costarica Colon
Cuba Peso
Cyprus Poun
Czecholovakia Koruna
Denmark Euro
Djibouti Franc
Ecuador Suere
Egypt Pound
El Salvador Cooon
Ethiopia Birr
Fiji Dollar
Finland Euro
France Euro
GDR Mark
Germany Euro
Ghana Cedi
Greece Euro
Guinea Syly
Guinea Bissau Peso
Guyana Dollar
Haiti Gourde
Hong Kong Dollar
Honduras Lempira
Hungary Forint
Iceland New Krona
India Rupee
Indonesia Rupiah
Iran Rial
Iraq Dinar
Iceland Pound
Israel Shekel
Italy Euro
Ivory Coast CFA Franc
Jamaica Dollar
Japan Yen
Jordan Dinar
Kenya Schilling
North Korea Won
South Korea Won
Kuwait Dinar
Lebanon Pound
Lesotho Maloti
Liberia Dollar
Lybia Dinar
Luxembourg Euro
Malawi Kwacha
Malaysia Ringgit
Maldives Rupees
Mali France
Mauritania Ouguiya
Mauritius Rupee
Mayanmar Kyat
Mexico Peso
Mongolia Tugrik
Morocco Dirham
Mozambique Metical
Nepal Rupee
Netherland Euro
New Zealand Dollar
Nikaragua Cordoba
Niger CFA Franc
Nigeria Naira
Norway Krone
Oman Rial Omani
Pakistan Rupee
Panama Balboa
Paraguay Guarani
Peru Sol
Philippines Peso
Poland Zloty
Portugal Euro
Qatar Riyal
Romania Leu
Rwanda Franc
San Marino Lira
Saudi Arabia Riyal
Senegal CFA Franc
Sierra Leone Leone
Singapure Dollar
Somalia Shilling
South Africa Rand
Spain Euro
Sri Lanka Rupee
Sudan Pound
Swaziland Lilangeni
Sweden Euro
Switzerland Franc
Syria Pound
Tanzania Shilling
Thailand Baht
Tunisia Dinar
Turkey Lira
Uganda Shilling
U.S.S.R. Ruble
U.A.E. Dirham
U.K. Pound
U.S.A. Dollar
Uruguay New Peso
Venezuela Bolivar
Vietnam Dong
North Yemen Rial
South Yemen Dinar
Yugoslavia Dinar
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