what is the fastest growing religion in the Saudi Arabia

What is the Fastest Growing Religion in the Saudi Arabia?

The fastest growing religion in the Saudi Arabia? It is none other than Islam.

The rate of Islam growth in Saudi Arabia is very rapid. It is known to have a growth rate of thirty percent or more in the past ten years alone. This shows the huge potential of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

Another religion that is on the rise is the Wahhabi radical Islamic sect that is being spread by the Saudis who are sponsoring it. There is a large support group for the Wahhabis. They come from the same hard core of people who supported the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The Wahhabis spread slowly from one small city to another and even today, they are not easy to get rid of. This group is getting their global media coverage due to the murder of their own founder Abdullah Azzam. His peaceful teachings are being twisted by these hard-core extremists.

What about the Hindus and Christians who are in small cities? What about those who are still waiting for their promised land in the United Arab Emirates? Where are all these Muslim refugees going now?

Religious activity is a growing industry. They build mosques, churches, temples, pilgrimage sites and any other buildings for worship and charity that will preach a pure message of Islam. There are literally thousands of these buildings around the world. The area of the land and the size of the building determines its size.

Religious buildings have the ability to spread their message quickly and that is where the problem is. They cannot seem to find enough religious buildings to make it happen.

Those who study the topic to know the main cause of the slow growth of religion in the Saudi Arabia is not a lack of believers but rather a lack of willing participants. This was the case in the past.

Now there are many people who are being encouraged to join but they are very shy. They want to follow the law of the land like everyone else but they do not want to appear as a Shiite or a Sunni. They do not want to go against the wishes of their relatives or community.

What if someone were to build a small building on a highway and call it a mosque? It would become too big and get the attention of the police. So, if the religious leader is building a mosque in a small building on a highway then that would be a good example.

As you can see, we need to get the word out that what is the fastest growing religion in the Saudi Arabia is not Shiites or Sunnis. It is Islam.

It will take time but that is all the Muslims need to remember. Good luck to those who are involved in the campaign to build mosques and religious buildings in every city of the Kingdom.