The capital city of Italy is still one of the main cities that matter in Europe. It’s still the center of many political decisions, business activities and events, and many new growths and development projects. And the city is not only famous for its religious history, but also, for being a famous city on its own right. It is not just the capital of Italian State but it is one of the most important tourist cities in Europe.

What is the capital city of Italy

So, in this article we will take a look at what is the capital city of Italy. We will discuss about how it was first founded, what its current status is, and how it is regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world.

As a small country with a long history it is hard to define which historical fact we should focus on first, because there are so many. The most interesting thing about the capital city of Italy is that it was first founded in the year 700 AD.

During those times, in the Western Alps of Italy, there was an old village called Val Silens. It was a primitive village that had been built by farmers, who had to be away from their farms during that time, because they were in need of a place to live.

After the earthquake, the village was abandoned, but it is still remembered in modern times, because a dam was built in the area by the Romans, and it became the famous Aquae Sulis, which means the village of the springs. In this way, the town was freed from the land and a way was found to reach it by water.

After the establishment of the new capital of the Roman Empire, the city was recognized and was given the name of Capua, meaning the feast of the spoils, or Capitale. From that time, the city was named as a royal city of Rome, and the area, which is now called as the Italian Plain, was known as the Papal State of Rome.

The region was given political power by Emperor Augustus and it was re-named Palazzo S. Maria Maggiore, and it is now called as the state of Siena. This was the start of the city of Siena, which is located in Southern Italy.

At that time, the territory was still very small, because the population was very limited in that part of Italy. But it was far from being forgotten, and many structures were still left to remind its former state.

Today, the city of Siena is still considered one of the most beautiful places in the whole Italian State. The most prominent architectural structure that can be seen is the Sienese Cathedral, which are made of red stone, and it has a rich tradition of arts and crafts.

Due to the fact that this place is so popular, it is surrounded by many other tourist cities, such as Pavia, Bari, Venice, Lido and Rome. There are a lot of beautiful spots in the city of Siena, and it is one of the main reasons why so many people visit this ancient city.

For those who want to see the ruins of the Italian State, or see some of the most historic buildings of the city of Siena, the city is only recommended for those who want to see things that are beyond their imagination. If you have more budget and you want to enjoy a more peaceful trip to Italy, you can try the small fishing village of Cappello Maggiore, which is near the Sienese Cathedral.

So, what is the capital city of Italy is a question that cannot be answered easily, but if you are planning to travel there, you will be able to find many facts and information that you need to know. You will be able to see the best of the best that Italy has to offer and the place will definitely fascinate you.