How you will know your computer affected by a virus or malware?

If you use Apple or Linux operating system then you are safe, No need to very worry about virus attack. Most of the home or office users using Window operating system which is at risk. Windows operating system means you are at 100% attacking area by Virus or malware. Window operating system base Laptop, Personal Computer and Mobile must use Anti-Virus to save data and information.


If you see your laptop or computer working slowly, poor performance means your computer has as virus or malware. Virus attacks the laptop and access to the system files and running many background files.

Last night you worked with your laptop properly but in the morning you cannot open your computer, It is easy to understand, Virus attacked your computer and affected your system files and may be its deleted some files from there.

If your system affected by any kind of virus means your are at high risk. You must clean virus immediately by Antivirus software. But sometime antivirus software unable to delete virus from the root or system folder, in that case you should reinstall windows. Immediately after the installation of windows you must install licensed Anti-Virus software.

There are many free antivirus software are available to download and install in a laptop or computer. These free version protect your computer for basic purpose only. Most of the free antivirus can heal only malware, warm, adware, etc.  But this is not full protection for your files and personal information. So you must use licensed Antivirus.

Cyber attackers making these virus and spread on the net to check its capability. Some bad cyber attackers steal  personal information and data from your computer or laptop.

Computer virus and human body virus are not same. Human body virus is a living virus and computer virus is software.



Discussion held on IT sector development in Bangladesh

The Daily Ittefaq and Startup Dhaka hosted a round table discussion to create Sillicon Vallery environment in Bangladesh. Tarin Hossain, Executive Director of the Ittefaq website moderate the ICT round table discussion. Jonaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for ICD division participated in the discussion. Shamim Ahsan, President , BASIS, Fayaz Taher, Co-Founder of Startup Dhaka, Bickey Russell, Head of Agency Development, Google, SM Ashraful Islam, Executive Director of BCC, AHM Mahfuzul Arif, President, Bangladesh Computer Samity, Hasan Benaul Islam, A2i’s Communication expert,  Saidur Mamun Khan, Country Manager,  Elance-Odesk in Bangladesh and Christian Prokopp: Principal Consultant, Big Data Partnership participated in the discussion round table discussion in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Wikipedia awareness campaign in Bangladesh

Wikipedia organized an awareness program in Dhaka University recently. The Wikipedia campaign was held with a view to aware the students of Dhaka University about enrichment of  the local contents or Bangladesh base web contents. This awareness program was held as part of Bangla Wikipedia’s ten year celebration.


BASIS will carry treatment expenses of Award Winning freelancer in Bangladesh

Technology News Bangladesh

BASIS will carry medical expenses of Jahidul Islam, a severely ill BASIS Outsourcing Award winner. Shameem Ahsan, President,  BASIS executive informed in a press briefing recently. Bangladeshi Freelancer Jahidul Islam has been suffering from Scoliosis for long time. T Ahmed, Senior Vice President of BASIS were present in the press briefing in Dhaka.



 Laptops for playing game in Bangladesh

Every Laptop or Computer configuration is not same and all computers or Laptops are not suitable to play a game. To play a game Laptop must be configured highly as during playing a game its need extra ordinary performance. Normal or personal computer or Laptop configuration is not enough to play high density graphics oriented games. May be personal computer or Laptop suitable for office work or internet browsing.   If you want to play game in your Laptop you should re-configure your  Laptop accordingly or buy new laptop for playing games. There are many Laptop in Bangladesh market which are good enough to play a games. Few Laptop model and brand are listed here:


MSI GT70 2PE Dominator


* Builtin solid gaming performance

* 7.5 Times faster than traditional drives meaning flawless flow of bytes every time and

Game playing this model Laptop  price: is  Tk. 2,24,000


Alienware 14


Alieware 14 laptop  is better than any  other gaming laptop in Bangladesh market.

* Grand performance, competitive price tag, and eccentric features

Game playing this model Laptop  price is Tk. 1,60,000+


Razer Blade 14


* It is a  “no-compromise” gaming laptop

* QHD+ touch screen and thin chassis

* Light and easy to carry any places

Game playing this model Laptop  price is Tk. 1,75,000+




* Gigabyte P34 14 is the most slimmest popular gaming laptop

* This laptop screen is really unique compared to the other competitions

Game playing this model Laptop  price is Tk. 1,35,000.


MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro


* MSI GE60 APE Apache Pro is very powerful CPU for playing any game

* Premium matt screen which is great in day light

Game playing this model Laptop  price is Tk. 1,43,990/-