Subodh Tui Pala – Time is not in favor of you – Kobe hobe bhor, Hobeki?

People of Dhaka have seen the character ‘Subodh Tui Paliye Ja ‘ in different walls of the Dhaka city. Subodh hold a cage, the sun inside of it. The graffiti of Subodh with the same texts and arts, like subodh, run, time is not on your favor; subodh, run, local people have forgotten how to love; Subodh, run, your Luck has run out; Subodh jai, in cage in his hand, the sun inside of the cage.

These texts are in Bangla, Like, Subodh, paliye jai, shomoy akhon tomar pokhaye na; Subodh, pala, manus bhalobaste bhule geche; Subodh, pala, tor baggaye kichue nai;

Bangladeshi people are very curious about Subodh, they want to know, the meaning of the arts in the walls of Dhaka City. Is there any messge for the people of Bangladesh?

Social Media Like facebook, Twittter, Youtube users have uploaded different pictures and videos of Subodh. Discussions were published on Subodh in Different Bangla and English Newspapers in Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh. Televisions have also covered these graffiti character with their own opinions. News on ‘Banksy of Bangladesh’ widely discussed in Bangladeshi community all over the World.

The Subodh silhouette appears in increasingly haggard conditions. At a first glance, he is just an simple man whose good senses may be at conflict with his settings. He Looks deeper and a richer narrative unfolds. Subodh’s hair is not well shape, Subodh’s clothes are torn; one can be forgiven for glimpsing just a hint of hopelessness , black eyes. But this is just one part of what appears to be a series of graffiti character, the exactly meaning of the character nobody knows.
The graffiti artist, faceless likes their creation, is touted as the ‘Banksy of Bangladesh’, the comparison can be a bit of a disservice to him or her. Unlike Banksy, there is nothing satirical about the individual’s art work. The method may be similar but the point being made is open to many interpretations. All the art works seen are stenciled but they are almost like a new message for general people or for a group of people.

In one instance, on the canvas of a white wall in Dhaka City, Subodh’s picture appears, most of these are unclean and unshaven, with one simple message: Subodh, Toi Paliye Ja; In English “Subodh, please run away. Time is not in favor of you. ”




Considering, the graffiti can mean many things. But Subodh’s visual journey has been appearing on walls across the Dhaka city and collectively, they want to give a message of a hopeless story without following any particular timeline. The character Subodh’s is disparately strewn about. It has no particular beginning and only the promise of a heart-breaking end. Subodh character has no sequence. There is no pattern. There is just randomness wall paint with a simple character.

In few arts, the character Subodh is seen staring into the souls of passersby, Subodh is in struggle muted, like of so many others that we see on the street. Subodh is running, constantly evading demons, except perhaps his demons are his only companions.

There is another thing to show is the Sun, a morning sun captured in a cage; is it the golden sun of our golden land. In one inscription, The man Subodh finds himself behind bars. The most goship artists emphasise that his predicament evokes a sense of guilt in people’s hearts. But which people? Which groups? Is it about Bangaldeshi? Is the message for Bangaldeshi people. Or the message is for the world? Not clear!