Bangladesh Awami Olama Leagure and Hefajat e Islam demanded removal of sculpture from in front of supreme court, apex court of Bangladesh.

Hefajat e Islam announced to hold rally and discussion at the Jatiyo Press Club on Feb 5, 2017 to remove the Greek Idol from the court yard. They also submitted a memorandum to the Supreme Court Authority demanding removal of the statue.
On Feb 4, 2017, Khelafat Andolan and Islami Andolan Bangladesh held procession &rally in front of National Mosque, Baitul Mukarram. Khelafa Andolan is a part of BNP led 20 party alliance.
Jamait Ulama E Islam have been demanding removal of Lady with Scale monument for several weeks. Jamait Ulama is also a component of BNP led 4 party alliance.

Muhammad Arifur Rahman and Kazi Alhaj Mawlana Mohammad Abul Hasan Sheikh both claimed to remove the sculpture who claimed to be the editor bishwabarta and shariatpuri respectively sent a letter to the registrar General of Supreme Court on Feb 2, 2017.
Hefajot Dhaka city convener Nur Hossain Kasemi told that they will not tolerate the greek idol in the country where 92% are Muslims according to Daily Star.

supreme court scuplture
According to wikipedia, Ancient Greek sculpture is the sculpture of ancient Greece. Modern scholarship identifies three major categories. Frequent subjects were the battles, mythology, and rulers of the area historically known as Ancient Greece.
The Supreme Court of Bangladesh (SC) is the highest court of law in the country. It is composed of the High Court Division & the Appellate Division. Supreme court was created by Part VI Chapter I of the Constitution of Bangladesh in 1972. Supreme court is also the office of the Chief Justice, Appellate Division Justices, and High Court Division Justices. There are 8 Justices in Appellate Division and 88 (79 are permanent and 9 are additional) in High Court Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh.