Film of Bangladesh – Dhallywood movie

Film: Television,
Director: Mostofa Sarwar Farooki,
Cast: Nusrat Emroz Tisha, Chanchal Chowdhury , Mosharraf Karim, ,
25 January 2013 Film: Devdas,
Director: Nazrul Islam,
Cast:Arifa Parvin Moushumi, Apu Biswas, Shakib Khan,
15 February 2013 (India), 1 March 2013 (Bangladesh)

Film of Bangladesh: : Simanaheen,
Director: Kevin Dalvi,
Cast: Ismat Alamgir, Rahsaan Islam, Ria Mahtab,
15 February 2013

Film: Shirin Farhad,
Director: Gazi Mahbub,
Cast: Shabnoor, Riaz, Drama,
22 March 2013

Film: Dehorokkhi: The Bodyguard,
Director: Iftakar Chowdhury,
Cast:Anisur Rahman Milon, Eamin Haque,
12 April 2013

Film of Bangladesh: : Jotil Prem,
Director: Shahin-Sumon,
Cast: Achol, Bappy Chowdhury,
14 May 2013

Film: Nishpap Munna,
Director: Bodiul Alam Khukon,
Cast: Misha Shadogor, Shahara, Shakib Khan,
31 May 2013

Film: Judge Barrister Police Commissioner,
Director: F.I Manik,
Cast:Razzak, Shakib Khan, Purnima,
10 May 2013

Film of Bangladesh: : Eito Bhalobasa,
Director: Shahin Kabir Tutul,
Cast: Nirob, Nipun, Siddiqui, Mamnun Hasan Emon,
28 May 2013

Film: Romeo,
Director: Raju Chowdhury,
Cast: Sara Zarin, Bappy Chowdhury,
7 June 2013

Film: Pora Mon,
Director: Zakir Hossain,
Cast: Mahiya Mahi, Anisur Rahman Milon, Symon,
14 June 2013

Alpo Alpo Premer Golpo, ,
Cast: Niloy, Anika Kabir Shokh,

Film of Bangladesh:  Chaya Chobi,
Mohammad Mostafa Kamal,
Cast: Purnima, Arefin Shuvo,
4 August 2013

My Name Is Khan,
Director: Bodiul Alam,
Cast: Pobir Mitra, Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas,
8 August 2013

Nishwartha Bhalobasha,
Director: M.A Jalil Ananta,
Cast: Afiea Nusrat Barsha, M.A Jalil Ananta, Abdur Razzak,
17 May 2013

Film of Bangladesh:  Bhalobasa Aaj Kal,
Director: P.A Kajol,
Cast: Mahiya Mahi, Shakib Khan,
8 August 2013

Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini,
Director: Safi Uddin,
Cast: Joya Ahsan, Shakib Khan, Arefin Shuvo,
12 October 2013

Bhalobasha Zindabad,
Director: Debashish Biswas,
Cast: Airin Sultana, Arefin Shuvo,
12 October 2013

Film of Bangladesh: Noi Choi,
Cast: Ferdous Ahmed,
14 November 2013

Director: Anonno Mamun,
Cast: Durjoy, Marjan, Anisur Rahman Milon,
26 November 2013

Film: Porobashinee,
Director: Swapan Ahmed,
Cast: Nirob, Mamnun Hasan Emon, Mehazabien Chowdhury,
12 August 2013

Film: Story of Samara,
Director: Rikia Masudo,
Cast: Jannatul Ferdous Peya, Anju,
July 18, 2013


Film of Bangladesh : Gohine Shobdo

Story by: Khalid Mahmud Mithu and Faridur Reza Sagor.

Director: Khalid Mahmud Mithu.

Produced by: Impress Telefilm Ltd

Cast: Emon and Kushum Shikdar, Abul Hayat

Music Director: Farid Ahmed

Released: 23 March, 2010

Story: The film Gohine Shobdo is on a freedom fighter. Nura is a street beggar. The beggar participate took part in the liberation war and lost his one leg. But his dream is to educate his daughter.

This film received international film award ” Third World Film Festival”

Film of Bangladesh : Doriya Parer Doulati 
Dirctor: Abdullah Al Mamun

Cast: Popy, Manna, Abdullah Al Mamun, Ferdousi Majumder, Shaidul Alam SachchauDoriya Parer Doulati

Music Director: Ali Akbar Rupu and Arman Khan

Story: People of Hatia try to build a barrage to people and houses from tidal waves.

Shooting Location: Hatia, Tangail and FDC

Film of Bangladesh : Amar Bondhu Rashed

Written by: Dr Mohammad Jafar IqbalAmar Bondhu Rashed

Dirctor: Morshedul Islam

Produced by: Impress Telefilm Ltd

Cast: Chowdhury Zawat Afnan, Rayan Ibtesham Chowdhury, Likhon Rahi , Faiyaz Bin Zia,Arman Parvez Murad

Story: Children film on Liberaton war of Bangladesh in 1971

Film of Bangladesh | Joyjatra

Film: Joyjatra (Year: 2004, Language:Bangla, English subtitles)

Director: Tauquir Ahmed
Cast:Abul Hayat, Humayun Faride, Tareeq Anam Bipasha Hayat, Shams Sumon, Mahfuz Ahmed, Azizul Hakim

Script and Director:Tauquir Ahmed
Photography : Rafiqul Bari Chowdhury

Story: The film based on Amjad Hossain’s novel Obelay Osomoy, Liberation War of Bangladesh begin, Pakistani occupation forces attack a small village and burn the houses of the innocent people. The villagers’ idyllic existence changes forever. The survivers have to embark their ancestral homes on a journey to reach a camp where they can be trained professionally in guerrilla warfare so that they can fight the enemy. There is nothing but a small boat that gives them hope to reach another life. The journey of the people has been termed Joyjatra means journey for victory

Deshantori (The Migrant )

One boat, 42 lives; 17 dead, 25 waiting to die — they have been floating on the sea for about 10 days without food or water. One looks at another as potential “food” and wonders which part of a dead-body may be easier to swallow, while another took his last breath to look for something sharp enough to cut up a dead-body.

9 Number Bipod Sonket

Bangla film 9 Number Bipod Sonket performed by actress Diti, Taniya Ahmed,  Rahmat Ali, Jayanto Chattopadday, Challenger, Shadin Khasru, Shobnom Parbeen, Chaiti, Majnun Mizan, Rupok, Taniya Sultana Munni, Sohel Khan and Asaduzzaman Noor.

9 Number Bipod Sonket

Music: SI Tutul

Director: Humayan Ahmed

Producer: Faridur Reza Sagar




Starring: Humayun faridi, Sweety, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Lucky Inam, Shahidul Alam Shachu and more