F1 student visaAfter getting approval from the university the student would apply for F1 student visa to the US embassy in the your country. The embassy will fix a date and time for the interview. Visa officer will ask you many questions related to educational background, degree, financial support, relatives, etc.

Not Questions and answers but tips for F1 student visa interview that will help to be prepared by yourself.

During interview for student visa F1 the visa officer may ask you many questions on different topics but few guidelines are here:

Do not consider this is a sample of interview but it will help to increase your confidence level  and you can say with full breath that can face any question by the visa officer.

Here are tips for Questions and Answer of F1 visa interview . This is only guidelines but no guarantee of any question & answer. And there is no relation with F1 Visa Questions and Answers authority. We do not take any responsibility also.

In the beginning of interview the Visa officer may say you Hello, Hi; you also reply with smile hi, hello.

F1 visa Interview Questions

Academic or educational background related asking


Visa officer can ask you to know how many university did you apply?

This is simple question to know about your seriousness of study in a foreign university.

– Do not reply with one. If you applied for one then VO will think that you are not really interested to study any foreign university. In your interview for F1 Visa, your response would be 4 or 5, you have really applied for 4 or 5 universities. Because may be VO will ask you any relevant question. so do not provide false information, you should apply to 4/5 universities, because you do not know which university will grand you application.

How many admits or rejects? To know that actually you have applied or not.

– Sir, 1 admits, 2 rejects, 1 pending. or any other answer you can give for this question but do not lie with the Visa officer. Let him know you real matter.

Very normal asking is about your IELTS or TOEFL/GRE score?

As a foreign student you should have good score in English Language test.

– you should answer with your exact score.

Why is your low score in TOEFL/GRE?

– Give appropriate answer if you know. Describe that the university has given more priority to my best scorer subjects that is important to complete this kind of degree. If you do not have good score in your GRE or below 1800, Try to give answer with TOEFL score that you have very good score.TOEFL high score


It is important to have a asking about your marks/grades

– Give him an explanation about marks or grade. we have a percentage system, I have scored 85%, you should say according to your mark sheet. Mention your final year only or average . Most of the university check your final year mark sheet. If the counselor ask you any question on any mark, just clarify with basic information .

Could be asked your undergraduate college name?

– Your college or university name.

What was your bachelor degree in?

– Name of your bachelor degree.

It is already mentioned that you are going to obtain a degree but he would ask  the purpose of your trips?USA student visa interview

– Name of the degree that you are going to study.

Very important question, Which university are you planning to get admission?

You should have university approval letter with your hand to show to the VO.

– Name of the university which you want to get visa for.


Finance related 


Who is sponsoring you?

Normally most of the student go abroad to study from Bangladesh with parents financial help. Even brother can help you to abroad for study.

– Say, Sir, my family; provide information according to I-20 in the application, If you got any scholarship, mention the name of the scholarship.

You have passbook /bank statement shown deposited large amount of money into your account recently. What is your explanation? The visa officer would ask a question related to bank statement.

– You should clarify describe of money, If your family deposited any big amount within few weeks. You should describe the reason. If you borrow this huge amount of money from relatives do not disclose that to the visa office. You can say this big amount we have invested with any private firm on profit basis. Now returned for my education and deposited to my bank account.  Think different something as can describe clearly, confidently; some one can say this money came from his father or mother after retirement, selling of some ornaments, land or any other source. If you should have any document to support this show that to the visa officer.

After getting answer for bank statement, it is relevant to know your father, brother or mother profession or source of income? What does your father/mother/brother do?

– Candidate should give direct answer to this question. Say, Sir, My father is a Banker or government senior official or working as a General Manager or Manager in xyz company for the last 25 years. If you father has taken a voluntary retirement, do not say he retired and sitting idle in the village or your home. If you say, he retired then doing nothing then visa Officer will think your family source of income is weak. You must say He worked in a xyz company for the past 25 years and took voluntary retirement and now your father  has own Business house or consulting firm named “xyz” and attached some financial documents as showing your family is financially strong. If you fail to provide proper information about the source of income of your parents you will not get visa.

There could be a question like What is your father/brother/mother annual income? Or What is your family income? What is your father monthly income?

– My Father annual income is taka. 444000.
then you can say,
Family annual income is 804000 taka, (your father amount, your mother amount and brother annual income together)
My father monthly income is 37000 taka

This kind of  question is very important because it is proof of your financial support. The consular will take decision if he satisfies with the financial answer as he will think that your family able to provide you enough money for all financial needs. Moreover you can add your mother income source and agriculture income or house rent too. If your brother is an earning holder mention his income source also. You should proof that your family is financially strong.



Relatives Related


Do you have any relative stay in the US?

– The answer is Yes or No. Relatives means brother, sister, father or mother. If you have some distant relatives do not mention them because you need financial support to complete your study there.

Do you have any brother or sister is studding there too? How your family will support both of you?

– If the answer is yes, then you can say your brother/sister got an aid or scholarship and he does not need any financial support.



Technical questions


The visa office may ask, Why did you select this university?

– This question is based on the University you are going to study. Visit the university website, courses and professor list. Say that you have contacted with a professor name” Mr….. or department head and talked with him directly or online conversation. If the counselor gives you time just give a brief description and point out different from other universities. Most of your words should be academics and course related. So answer this question carefully.

VO may ask question to know your knowledge about the major subject, Why do you plan to do this degree?

– You can answer  this way or you should a have proper answer for this question. I think this degree will give me lot of knowledge to have a good place in the future. I have a bachelor degree on this field and I want to know more about this field for better position when I come back and will serve in the competitive place of this sector.

It looks very simple but do not give a wrong answer or any negative word, Why do you want to study in US and not in Bangladesh?

– Sir, the courses in this field are being offered by few universities or institution in Bangladesh. Tell the limitation of these courses in Bangladesh and more facilities available in USA. Use some technical or researching details. Now You get a chance to express your knowledge and let them know about you deep knowledge on the subject. But do not think, visa officer does not has basic knowledge about this kind of subject.

You are going to USA to complete a degree, not to stay there, probably the visa officer will ask, What are your plans after Graduation?

– This is relevant to after completion your graduation. Say, you will return to your home after completion of your degree. Explain what you will do, future of this profession in Bangladesh, opportunities of this sector. Say, getting better chance after completion of MS degree, tell them foreign company investing in the field and tell some technical details.

Some people try to get degree on different subject, so this kind of question is mostly for them, Why are you changing your stream?

– if you completed you previous degree in Civil Engineering and you want to go for Software engineering, so this question is appropriate for you. Explain you have very much interest with this subject. Do not say the job market is very good or you will get high salary job. Your all words must related to your extreme interest to this subject. Use some technical word why you think it is very interested to you. You can say, Sir, when I was studying CE I had a great exposure to computers. And I decided that I will develop myself for the degree.

It would through you to a hesitate situation for  a while for this kind of asking, You look like potential immigrants or I don’t think you will come back to Bangladesh

– Do not be excited, just answer wisely, I will come back to Bangladesh, We have very good family ties and all our properties and family member are here. There is another good answer. you can say that you will work for 1 or 2 years in USA to get corporate experience then I will come back.

This is really very difficult interview question for every student. But should answer properly, You must stay calm after this question, then can say also, I am from a very well family and we think money is not at all essential. We have enough property or asset here. And after completion of this degree will be in a better position here


F1 visa interview Tips:

– Must eye contact.

– Be confidence.

– Show your Convincing skills.

– Do not show that your are brilliant in 3 minutes.

– Present yourself properly.

– They can ask you any new question. don’t be heisted.

– Do not hurry, prepared yourself after his question and give answer wisely.

– Don’t make your face just a guilty person.

– Must prepared all genuine documents and birth certificate.

– Prepared your answer uniquely.

– Do not give copied answer from other person.

– Keep all documents with you too, you can give him if he ask to show.

This f1 visa questions and answers tips samples will help you to face an interview but there is no guarantee for this f1 interview questions to be asked during interview by visa officer. US f1 visa interview questions and answers is just a sample and will help your to get preparation for F1 interview.

We have mention few tips here only, you should have preparation by using these tips for other relevant questions as well.