The Election Commission (CE) of Bangladesh decided to use EVM machine in some of the constituencies of JS Election 2018. The EC claims that the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) system cannot hacked remotely as the EVM system will be connected with the main server in the Election Commission Office with a Nationwide Private Network (NPN).

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

The EVM system will go with three security features. All EVM features have many steps of securities but the users will have to go for three security features. All EVM units have built-in password protection and features complete access control. One control unit of EVMs and 3 ballot units used for city elections, but EVMs to be used for the 11th JS Polls will have one control unit and one ballot unit.

Time locked access control of EVM Voting Machine

As the first step of security, a time lock will make sure the EVM machine will not start till 8am, when voting usually start in Bangladesh, according to Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF), EVM manufacturer in Bangladesh. This method will reduce vote hacking.

Must use of the SD and audit card in Electronic Voting Machine

An EVM will not be ready until SD and audit card are inserted. The SD card contains list of voters with details and audit card contains information of the presiding officer, assistant presiding officer & the polling officer of the particular voting center.

Secured PIN of EVM system

Using of the right SD card & the audit card the operator will have to type a matchless PIN number which is totally different to each EVM. The presiding officer only knows the PIN number & if he or she is absent in their duties than the assistant presiding officer will collect the PIN number & the necessary authorization.

Secured password protection of an EVM Voting Machine

If the assistant presiding officers are select, they will operate EVMs & typing a unique password— password they will receive with in a SMS just before the voting. Without authorization operating the machine is really impossible

The security system of Biometric for EVM Voting

EVM users have to put a password & fingerprints. If someone only has a password but not matching the fingerprints, he will not access in the machine.

Identification of voter for Casting EVM Vote

If the users accessing in the EVM, a list of voter data will be visible on the screen of the machine. Voters can be identified by 3 ways—
1. Smart cards
2. Voter ID numbers
3. Finger prints
Multiple options can be used to identify the voters but fingerprint confirmation is must.
When voters submit his or her fingerprint, their information will display on the multiple screens. This way, will be identified the voters.

Protection against vote rigging in Bangladesh

In every booth will be a fixed list of voters. A voter can only cast a ballot in his or her selected polling booth in EVM Voting System. Biometric verification and a National ID card will be identified a voter, after passing this verification; the voter will be enabling to cast a ballot.
If anybody attempts to cast a fake ballot, it will be caught red-handed and also prompting the EVM to display an “error” message, Vote rigging will be impossible even if a machine is hijacked.

2 ways Data storage in an EVM system

There are 2 memory cards in an EVM system, one internal and another external, if the internal memory card damaged, external memory card can be installed in to another marchine to continue voting.

No risk of hacking EVM Voting Machine

The EVM systems units will not be connected through the internet, but there is a closed Nationwide Private Network (NPN) with Election Commission Office in Bangladesh. Normally, closed network connection is not at high risk for remote hacking.

Result of Electronic Voting Machine

After concluding the voting, a result will be displayed with the number votes casted and can be printed out. The printout, if made before the scheduled vote, will show No results.

EVM Voting – Electronic Voting Machine Process

‘EVMs cannot be hacked remotely’

“Political parties have already ensured regarding new EVMs”, SM Mahmud Arafat, Officer-in-Charge, Operations Planning, Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services (IDEA) said.
EVM machines are not connected to the internet so it can not be hacked remotely.

In addition about the new EVMs Arafat told that the idea is about training to the various political parties representers participating in the city corporation elections.

“He said that they have already revealed the features of our new EVM machines to the representatives of political parties in Khulna and Gazipur, and they will be showcased their EVMs to any party that is interested in the future.
Election Commissioner Brig Gen (retd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury are facing a minor problem with the biometric verification system, as some voters’ fingerprints did not match because of hand injuries, he informed them. They said they solve the issue very soon.

Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) were used in the Khulna city polls on May 16, 2018. The new EVM machine included a new feature a button to cancel a vote. The worried issues about EVM machine were lacking system to cross check and the casting of ballots, voter id cards, fingerprints and delay to publish the vote results due to technical problem in the control unit and also for low reserve battery of EVM. EC has 300 possession sets one control unit and three ballot units make one set. 2535 EVM units bought from BMTF by the EC. They also started a training program for using the EVM.