Plan your meals properly during holidays. Delicious meat dishes especially made of beef and mutton are one of the essential food items during this time. You should be wise to control your intake of this food for the betterment of our health.

The minimum daily intake also depends on body size, rate of growth and the presence of any diseases. The body’s necessities for protein increase during infancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding and during recovery from weight loss or in the healing of injuries.

Generally, some people in our continet consume noticeably more meat than they actually need. Amongst them, those who are cautious about their weight — choose portions of meat that are lower in fat. After the holiday, try to avoid red meat for couple of days and choose meats such as chicken instead of high-fat meats like mutton and beef. Always choose the lean cut of meat available and trim off any excess fat you can see. But remember — after all there is more or less some hidden fat in meat; so take less meat and more fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid over fried foods for you and your children. And try to control too many sweets with high sugar content.

All meats come under protein banner and it is usually divided in to 1st class and 2nd classes. First-class proteins are animal meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. On the other hand, Second class proteins include vegetable proteins that do not contain all of the essential amino acids.

Special situations in which meat restriction is very important:

–  People with severe liver diseases as well liver failure

– Some kidney problems and kidney failure

–  In some severe and difficult heart disease or heart pain

–  Obese people both adult and children

–  Individuals with rare amino acid metabolism disorder