There are many important tasks that a health worker must complete on a daily basis. First and foremost is that he/she has to fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities within the organization. This involves not only basic duties like handling finances, administering budgets, explaining the philosophy of the organization and interacting with people. The same also involves carrying out other duties like lab work, medical reports, health books and development of projects.

In a small world like the world, it is the duty of the health worker to have a high degree of knowledge and expertise in all aspects related to the health services provided by the organization. They should be able to run their own business related to the world health organization. This may be selling products or recruiting people for different departments.

The best way to start up a business is to do so with the help of the health worker. Any job of this nature is normally given a tag as temporary. If this becomes permanent, then they will be required to leave the job and go on to another one. The idea behind it is to maintain the health workers interest and keep them engaged with the organization.

Duty of health workers

This way the health workers can also continue to help others to better understand and take care of health issues related to their area of work. It is a good move to offer them related work from where they can earn extra money and work from home. It is important to always keep the health workers interested in the work and not discourage them from the things that they find boring.

The health worker will be asked to carry out research on their own or maybe asking for the help of others. Some of these researches may be voluntary, but mostly they will be required to carry out research on a commission basis. The researcher is asked to do many medical and health related researches.

The health worker should be enthusiastic about the work. His or her personality and communication skills are extremely important to improve the entire organization. This is a long term and multidimensional project which require a lot of commitment. The resources and time factor are always kept in mind before starting any project related to the world health organization.

Before committing to a project, it is always important to check with the organization to find out whether the health workers will be required to give an account of their work or not. This is very important because any projects done without an account of the work done will just prove harmful to the health workers. The WHO is aware of the fact that many health workers in their efforts to improve the organization have chosen to get involved in illegal activities and have been paid with bribes.

It is very important for the health workers to have the right attitude and commitment when it comes to their job. Even though they have to carry out duties and responsibilities, they should not lose the passion and enthusiasm for the work and this is why some of the best projects have been brought up and made successful. Many health workers have dedicated themselves to work and their job does not stop for the rest of their life.

It is not only the health worker who carries out duties and responsibilities of the organization. There are also many administrative staffs who will be carrying out different roles for the organization. These administrative staffs have to be dedicated to doing their work effectively to achieve the goals set by the organization.

The health workers will be placed under various categories depending on their work. One category is that of assistants and researchers. The assistant category has to maintain and carry out research related tasks.

On the other hand, the researchers will be tasked to find ways and means to solve the problems which are put up by the administrators. They will also be required to find out ways to improve the quality of life by increasing the awareness in the society of health related issues.