population of Saudi Arabia

Demographics of Saudi Arabia

The total population of Saudi Arabia is nearly 24 million people. They are the largest Muslim country in the world. The fertility rate in Saudi Arabia is one of the highest in the world and the birth rate is one of the lowest. This makes it a good place to live if you want a family and do not want to work very hard to get one.

Urbanization is spreading rapidly through the region. This is one of the factors in determining the population growth. Here are some demographic indicators for you to keep in mind.

As you know, a country with a high per capita income has a larger population. It does not matter if it is a big or small city, a large country or a small country. The higher the per capita income of a country, the more population that it has.

The opposite is also true. A country with a low per capita income has a smaller population. It is difficult to have a bigger population when there is very little income per person.

Urbanization and realization are increasing rapidly in the region. Because of this, the number of people in each city is growing significantly. This is affecting the total population in each city.

Population growth in Saudi Arabia is almost four percent per year, which is on the slow side by world standards. This is about the same as Italy. However, the growth rate is much lower than that of the United States.

Saudi Arabia has one of the smallest proportion of its population under the age of five. This means that the growth rate of the population is much slower for children. This means that many of the babies are being born to older mothers.

Total population growth is also slowing down as people are dying at a very high rate. In fact, the average age of death in Saudi Arabia is higher than the average in most countries. It is possible that the growth rate will slow down because of this fact.

There are more males than females in the total population. This means that many boys will be born but no women. The ratio is not ideal for the general population.

It is difficult to have enough young men to support all the elderly people. This means that a lot of men are having trouble finding jobs. This is causing a problem for the working age population.

The government is trying to make sure that the ratio of young people to old people does not increase. They are also trying to encourage people to have as many children as they can. This makes the overall population grow at a very slow rate.

Population growth in Saudi Arabia is still impressive. It is a stable country with a high per capita income. This means that the population will continue to grow even though the birth rate is below average.