Looking for a list of magazines in Saudi Arabia? How about looking for one to impress your friend who is in the royal family. The list will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back often.

list of magazines in Saudi Arabia

These top ten magazines are the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world. The list includes some of the most influential magazine brands as well as the most respected magazines published by the famous fashion houses.

American Pictorials are the largest monthly magazine circulation magazine. It publishes about 20 magazines each month and is published by L.A. based.

Magazine and Blue from Multinational, together as L.A. Times is a free-to-read online magazine and is also published by Multinational, which is a large publisher of fashion and entertainment magazines.

Beauties has a stylish editorial that focuses on the fashion industry. The magazine features special editions on style, makeup, clothing, shoes, hair and jewelry. Beauties is published every 3 months.

“American Eagle”American Beauty” is the most popular Edith Jackson’s fashion magazines. They were first published in 1992, by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. The name was changed to “American Eagle”American Beauty” in 2020.

Man Plus is the magazine of choice for celebrities and fashion icons. It features celebrity news, features, editorials, media interviews, images, special events, fashion advice, fashion and beauty tips, wine reviews, art pieces, and many more. It was first published in 1988.

Post Express is an Ezine published in the exclusive world of celebrity news. They feature fashion, entertainment, food, photos, and the latest gossip. It is published bi-monthly.

Two Penny Magazines is produced by the publishing company Chivers, which publishes a range of magazines including: Four Penny, Five Penny, Seven Penny, One Penny, Seven Pounds, and Soirée. They were first published in 1999 and are published quarterly.

Celebrity Gossip is published by two companies – a print and ezine magazine. It features celebrity gossip, celebrity articles, news and the latest gossip.

This is the number 1 magazine in the country. It is published quarterly and is featured in Saudi Arabia’s National Media Calendar.

The top ten magazines will be added regularly. Who knows you might even find your best friend in there.