Foreign Currency of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Japan, Malaysia, China or any other countries money should be exchanged into Bangladesh taka to use in the country.

We can use this foreign currency to buy any products from local market. On the other hand if any Business man or Tourist go abroad he must endows US Dollar to exchange with the currency of the country when he will be inside the country.



These money exchange brokers will not give you accurate exchange rate. You should justify the exchange house or broker as well as rate. We suggest you to exchange from any Bank or any certified Exchange Company.

List of Currencies exchange rate against Bangladesh Taka buying and Selling

Bangladesh Bank Currency Exchange Rates (Jan 2018)

USD 1 = 82.75 Taka

Currency Buying Selling
EUR 99.0104 99.0435
GBP 112.2587 112.2918
AUD 64.8760 64.8926
JPY 0.7316 0.7318
CAD 66.6103 66.6318
SEK 10.0900 10.0937
SGD 62.0780 62.1200
CNH 12.7374 12.7380
INR 1.3036 1.3038


Foreign Currency Rates Against Bangladeshi Taka

Be careful to exchange any foreign currency. DO NOT sell ANY FOREIGN CURRENCY BY STANDING on the ROAD IN DILKUSHA OF MUTJHEEL, DHAKA. Most of the brokers are very bad, even do not ask the rates.