Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of Rivers. There are big or small rivers almost in every district of Bangladesh. Big rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna. The Buriganga, the Sitalakshya, the Dhaleswari, the Teesta, the Madhumati, the Gumati and the Karnafuli are small rivers in Bangladesh. Most of the rivers of Bangladesh created from the Himalayas in the north and fall into the Bay of Bengal in the south.

More small rivers are Atrai , Balu , Bangali , Baral , Bhairab , Biskhali , Bura Gauranga , Chiknai , Chitra , Dakatia , Dhansiri , Dhanu , Dharla , Dhepa , Feni , Garai, Halda , Ichhamati , Jaldhaka , Jinai , Kaliganga , Kangsha , Karatoya , Kazipur , Khowai , Kirtankhola Kobadak , Kopothakho , Kumar , Kushiyara , Mahananda , Manu , Tripura Modhumoti , Mathabhanga , Muhuri , Nabaganga , Naf , Nagar , Nalia , Punarbhaba , Pusur , Surma , Titas , Tulshiganga , Turag , etc.

The rivers are the source of our wealth in a developing country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The prosperity of agriculture depends on the rivers. These rivers have made the soil fertile. So rice, jute, tea and other crops grow in the plenty here.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The river help in many ways to Bangladesh. River made the soil of Bangladesh fertile to grow Rice, Jute and other crops in huge quantities. Farmer can carry crops at low cost to another place.


There are different kinds of fishes in the river of Bangladesh. Fish is an important wealth for the country. The fishermen catch a huge quantity of fish from the rivers. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting Hisla, Shrimp and other fishes. Fish meets demand of protein for the people of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people cannot take a meal without Fish.

The rivers of Bangladesh are the main ways of communication. Boats, launches and steamers move on these river in all seasons to carry people and goods. Bangladeshi people can go one place to another place by these rivers with cheap fares.

Most of the cities, towns, industries, hats, bazars, and trade centers are on the bank of rivers in Bangladesh. Traders can carry products of mills, factories and industries easily to different places through river way. Raw materials are used in the factories or industries carried easily with low cast from far and near through river. So river help in commerce, trade and industry very much in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh produces electricity by using some rivers flow in Bangladesh. Goalpara and Karnafuli hydro-electric projects are used to solve electricity problem of the country.

The rivers have a great influence on the people of Bangladesh. Business of many cities or towns still depends on rivers. People built residences near the rivers in many areas of Bangladesh. Many poets writes poem on the rivers water and music. Much happiness of the people of depends on rivers.

Sometime the river cause a great loss to our life and property. It broke one part of the bank and builds another part of the bank. Sometime the rivers overflow their banks and cause flood. Bangladeshi people suffer untold sufferings almost every year.

The rivers are very useful to the people of Bangladesh in many ways. There are the source of our wealth, health and happiness.

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