Rapid Action Battalion – RAB

RAPID ACTION BATTALION FORCES was formally emerged on 26 March 2004. This force started its operational journey from 14 April 2004.

The capabilities of RAB forces are:

1. Internal security duties.
2. Recovery of unauthorized arms, ammunitions, explosives and such other articles.
3. Apprehension of armed gangs of criminals.
4. Assisting other law enforcing agencies for maintaining law and order
5. Intelligence gathering in respect of crimes and criminal activitices
6. Investigation of any offence on the direction of the government.
7. Such other duties as the government may, from time to time, assign.


Contact Address:


RAB Head Quarter, Dhaka
Fax: 880-2-8962884
Email: [email protected]

Tel: 8961105
Mobile: 01199-816205, 01199-818242, 0171-800430, 0172-993101, 0172-993105


Address &  Contact Nos.
Tel: 8963419, 8963420, 8962221
Mobile: 0176-093492, 0171-800426
Fax: 880-2-8963418
Email: [email protected]

Under Dhaka Metropolitan Area
Uttara; Airport; Cantonment; Gulshan; Badda; Tejgoan Thana.
ii) Other Areas
Gazipur. Tangail, Kishorganj, Mymenshing, Netrokona, Jamalpur, and Sherpur.

Address &  Contact Nos.Area
Tel: 8363764, 8363718
0171-800429, 0172-993121
0172-993125, 0171-800435, 0171-062751
Fax: 880-2-8363763
Email: [email protected]
i) Under Dhaka Metropolitan Area
Ramna; Lalbagh; Dhanmondi; Hazaribagh;
Kawtali Thana.
ii) Other Areas

Sariyatpur, Madaripur, Gopalganj, Faridpur and Rajbari districts.
Address & Contact Nos.Area
Tel: 7174687 (Dhaka)
Tel: 0821-810333 (Sylhet)
011-818253, 0172-993130
0172-993131, 0172-993133
Email: [email protected]
Shampur; Demra Sutrapur; Motijheel;
Sabuzbagh; Khilgaon Thana,
Narayangonj, Norsingdhi districts and whole of Sylhet Division.
Address & Contact Nos.Area
Tel: 8060685-9, 9143641-2, 8059254, 8060688
0172-993136, 0171-800416
0171-800431, 011-816202
Fax: 880-2-8059253
Email: [email protected]
Mirpur; Kafrul; Mohammadpur;
Pallabi; Kamrangichar Thana,
Savar, Dhamrai, Keraniganj, Nawabganj, Dohar Thana, Munshiganj and manikganj districts.
Address & Contact Nos.Area
Tel: 0721-750770
Mobile: 0171-800424, 0171-800434
Rajshahi Division

Fax: 88-0721-750770
Email: [email protected]

Address &  Contact InformationArea
Tel: 041-861276
0171-800442 (Barisal)
0171-800418 (Kustia)
0176-296401 (Chuadanga)
0171-800420 (Khulna)
0176-296403 (Khulna)
Khulna and Barisal Division

Fax: 88-041-861277
Email: [email protected]

Address & Contact Nos.Area
Tel: 031-800074
Mobile: 0176-336843; 0172-639531
011- 709516; 011- 709517; 011-709518
Chitagong Division

Fax: 88-031-800076
Email: [email protected]

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