Dhaka University Admission Instruction and requirements

Dhaka University – DU launched 1st year honors online admission process, last of application on August 29, 2017 and deadline of deposit money for the application is 30 August, 2017.

Dhaka University Admission online

Last Date of Application : August 29, 2017 (Night 10pm)

Last Date of Deposit Money: august 30, 2017

1) Ka Unit Admission Test: 13 October, 2017. 10am.
2) Kha Unit Admission  Test: 22 September, 2017. 10am
3) Ga iunita Admission  Test: September 15, 2017. 10am
4) Gha Unit Admission  Test: 20 October, 2017. 10 am
5) Cha Unit Admission  Test: September 16, 2017.




Important Notice:

1) If you already applied last year you can not apply this year, One student can apply one time according to Dhaka University Act.

2) If you upload wrong photo during application process then login to the application and Just click “Ami Noi” button and upload your real photo. Enter all other
informations, Print Deposit Slip and go to Bank to deposit money. Then you should go to Dhaka University Admission Office, Room No. 214, Administrative Building
before August 29, 2017 to correct it.

3) During Application process you should enter your or relative mobile number for further communication. But you can send SMS through third party mobile number.

4) Photo requirement:

Photo Size: Height: 575px – 625px, Width: 425px – 475px
Format: .jpg
File Size: 100KB

Dhaka University Admission Website : http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd



Admission Information

Dhaka University Admission online application process

Go to http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd

Click Application/Login Button

Then Enter HSC / Equvalent Examination Roll Number, Passing year, Board and SSC/Equivalent examination Roll number.

click ‘Submit”

Enter Your HSC and HSC examination information, Then Click “Confirm’ button.

In the Next stage, Applicant will upload photo, personal mobile number and quotation information (if).

Then, you will see a page to send SMS to 16321. Send SMS.

You will get a reply sms with ‘confirmation code’.

Enter code to the box, Click ‘Confirm” button.

In this step, You will see a page to select “Unit” that you like to apply.

Click Apply, Then you will see ‘Download’ button to download Payment Slip.

Applicant can collect Admit card from this page after completion deposit.

Print the ‘Payment Slip’ and go to any branch of Janata, Sonaly, Agrani or Rupali Bank to deposit money.

The representative will return “applicant copy’ part of the application after completion payment.

After few hours you can Download your Admin Card from the same web page.



Ka Unit Dhaka University Admission online application

Admission Test : 13 October, 2017, Friday, 10:00am

Science Faculty : Total Seats: 1765 (without quota)

Admission Application Duration: August 29 2017

website : http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd

Qualification: Students who passed SSC or Equivalent from 2012 to 2015 and passed HSC or Equivalent in 2017 can apply for Dhaka university admission. Students with minimum GPA 3.5 in SSC and HSC with 4th subject separately; total GPA 8.0 in both examinations are qualified for the admission.

Examination time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Question Type: 120 mcq questions for 120 numbers.

Wrong Answer: 0.25 number will be cut for wrong answer.

Subjects: Physic, Chemistry, Higher Math, Biology. Students are allowed to choose Bangla or English instead of 4th Subject.

Pass Numbers: 48.

Not Allowed: Calculator, Mobile phone, blue tooth,

Admission Test Result: within one week of examination.


Ka unit Contact Address:
Pharmacy Faculty
Phone: 02-9661900 ext: 4363, 4364



Download Dhaka University Admission Notices:


Contact Address:

Central Admission Office
Room No: 214
Administrative Building
Dhaka University
Email: admission [at]eis.du.ac.bd



Dhaka University Admission Telephone number and mobile :

Admission OfficeDhaka University Admission Online
029669934, 01631953843
01 773234484, 01822137601, 01993992149

(০২)-৯৬৬৯৯৩৪, ০১৬৩১৯৫৩৮৪৩
০১৭৭৩২৩৪৪৮৪, ০১৮২২১৩৭৬০১, ০১৯৯৩৯৯২১৪৯
(০২)-৯৬৬১৯০০ এক্সট. ৪৩৬৫ (ক-ইউনিট)
৪৩৪১ (খ-ইউনিট), ৪৩৬০ (গ-ইউনিট)
৪৩৫২ (ঘ-ইউনিট), ৮৫৭১ (চ-ইউনিট )

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