A person who wants to enjoy some of the best food in Singapore can’t go wrong with Singapore food for dinner. And it’s no wonder, as it is one of the most popular foods in Singapore.

most popular food in Singapore

Lemongrass: Although it comes from Asia, lemongrass is a very common and popular herb in the region. It grows all over Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. And while lemongrass is grown locally in Singapore, it is used in local cooking and desserts in a lot of Asian countries.

If you want to try something exotic and different for dinner, try using lemongrass in your Singapore recipes. Instead of spices like chilli or curry powder, use fresh lemongrass oil or lemongrass paste. It will add a unique twist to the normal taste of curry.

Prawns: The first takeaway in every Singaporean’s mind is the hawker stalls. If you are looking for something different for your Singapore food for dinner, try to go for prawns. Prawns are not just the shell of the fish, but they are the meat of the prawns.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these little suckers are really tasty. Their cost is usually cheaper than the chicken at the hawker stalls. Because they come from Asia, you can say that they are from the most popular food in Singapore. Its easy to say than to actually experience them, especially when they are served at home or when you go out to eat.

Fish: Because of its convenient availability, fish is one of the most popular food in Singapore. You can eat fried fish and have your choice of seafood fried rice at the corner bistro or at the restaurant. There are many restaurants in Singapore that serve fish as a starter. So go and try out the real Singapore fish before you go to the supermarket.

Sambal Oelek: This is an Indonesian dish that is slightly sweet and spicy. It is a sweet dessert filled with sambal oelek, which is a spicy pulp. Singapore has its own version of this dessert that is prepared in a pastry shell.

Banana Leaf: All Singaporeans love their banana leaf, even if they are not born with that sweet tooth. It is the national dish of Singapore.

Chili-Spiced Rice: In many Asian countries, dishes are cooked without adding any ingredients that are spicy. In Singapore, the locals use chilli oil or chilli powder to spice up their dishes. This is a good way to preserve the spicy taste of the dish.

Chicken: The most popular Singapore dish is the Chicken Hawker Stall. It is grilled and sliced very thin so that it resembles chicken. The texture of chicken is very similar to that of chicken wings, so it is one of the most popular Singapore main dishes.

Aloo Gobi: Even if you do not like Indian cuisine, you may want to try out the Indian Curry Aloo Gobi because it is the one most commonly cooked in India. In Singapore, there are restaurants that are serving this favorite dish. But if you go to India, this is one of the dishes you must try.

Singapore’s home made food is a good combination of local and international cuisines. Get to know more about the most popular food in Singapore by finding a good local restaurant that serves the perfect menu.