You might be wondering how does the Italy school system work? By reading this article, you will get an overview of what you should expect to find out. You should be able to easily understand the structure of education in Italy.

education system in Italy|education system in Italy

T education system in Italy

We all have different circumstances and it can be hard to relate our circumstances to one another. This is why I strongly recommend that you read this article about what you should expect to find out before you decide on a schooling method. You should not worry too much about how the system works or if it is the right option for you.

The truth is, every school system is different. The structure of education in Italy is based on the geography of Italy. The reason is, when they started school in the area, people lived in a village and the school was attached to a village.

This means that it is very difficult to move from one high school to another. It is also very difficult to transfer from one area to another. The structure of education in Italy has also been influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.

They gave their schools a hierarchical structure in the beginning to help the children fit in. They wanted to encourage obedience in the young ones. This did not work because the children would rebel.

When there was no hierarchy, the children had to work harder to fit in. This lead to a more orderly school. This type of structure in schools is called the Whittaker school system.

Another type of structure used in the school system in Italy is called the Montessori system. This is based on the philosophy of Dr. Antonio Montessori. He was a famous Italian educator and doctor who founded the school called Montessori.

The main things that Dr. Montessori encouraged were self-discipline and a love of learning. He would actually make the teaching fun so that the children were interested in learning. This system has now been used in many countries. If you are considering this type of structure in your own child’s education, be sure to consider what a Montessori style school is like.