Vitruvius (Marcus V. Pollio), Roman architect and engineer, studied Greek philosophy and technological know-how and won revel in during skilled paintings. He was once a type of appointed to be overseers of imperial artillery or army engines, and was once architect of a minimum of one unit of homes for Augustus within the reconstruction of Rome. Overdue in lifestyles and in sick well being he finished, someday prior to 27 BCE, De Architectura which, after its rediscovery within the 15th century, was once influential sufficient to be studied through architects from the early Renaissance to contemporary occasions.

In On Architecture Vitruvius provides to the custom of Greek thought and observe the result of his personal revel in. The contents of this treatise in ten books are as follows. E-book 1: Necessities for an architect; the city making plans; layout, towns, facets; temples. 2: Fabrics and their remedy. Greek programs. three: Types. Varieties of Greek temples. Ionic. four: Types. Corinthian, Ionic, Doric; Tuscan; altars. five: Different public homes (fora, basilicae, theatres, colonnades, baths, harbours). 6: Websites and making plans, particularly of homes. 7: Development of pavements, roads, mosaic flooring, vaults. Ornament (stucco, wall portray, colors). eight: Hydraulic engineering; water provide; aqueducts. nine: Astronomy. Greek and Roman discoveries; indicators of the zodiac, planets, moon stages, constellations, astrology, gnomon, sundials. 10: Machines for struggle and Different functions.