An intimate glance into the interior lives of our so much distinguished cultural figures— pulled from the distinguished Proust Questionnaire web page in Vanity Truthful magazine. The probing set of questions originated as a nineteenth-century parlor sport popularized by way of contemporaries of Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that a person’s solutions display his real nature. Illustrated by way of Risko, Vanity Truthful’s Proust Questionnaire Edited by way of Graydon Carter and Illustrated by way of Risko, brings in combination the responses of 101 of essentially the most colourful personalities of our time, from Bette Midler and Lauren Bacall to Salman Rushdie and Norman Mailer, from Martin Scorsese and Shirley MacLaine to Aretha Franklin and Eric Clapton. Candid, hilarious, and without end interesting,